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(+15 Years)
National Median Illinois
Long-Term Care 2019 2034 2019 2034
Homemaker Services $4,124 $6,425(+$29,055) $4,321 $6,731(+$30,439)
Home Health Aide $4,321 $6,731(+$30,439) $4,419 $6,884(+$31,130)
Adult Day Care $1,607 $2,503(+$11,320) $1,614 $2,515(+$11,372)
Assisted Living Facility $4,120 $6,419(+$29,026) $4,151 $6,467(+$29,244)
Semi-Private Room $7,665 $11,941(+$53,998) $6,094 $9,494(+$42,930)
Private Room $8,616 $13,423(+$60,697) $6,955 $10,836(+$48,999)

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