February 14th, 2018

Like many Americans, pop star Lady Gaga is suffering from fibromyalgia, a painful condition which can impact activity and even cause future long-term care. Advance plan with LTC insurance will help provide quality care.

James Kelly
January 23rd, 2018

Superstar singer Neil Diamond retires from performing following a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. He becomes yet another celebrity impacted by the degenerative disorder which causes Long-Term Care

James Kelly
February 7th, 2018

Longevity has a big impact on your savings and your family. Affordable Long-Term Care Insurance will ease the burdens on you and family. These are the 7 reasons why.

James Kelly
February 21st, 2018

An elder Mom or Dad may not always reveal health or aging issues with their adult children. An ER visit often becomes the first sign and creates crisis management if no advance plan for Long-Term Care exists.

James Kelly
October 23rd, 2017

Many people are aware that planning in advance for the costs and burdens of aging should be part of your overall retirement plan. Some are unaware of tax incentives of LTC insurance.

James Kelly

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