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Real questions answered. We have compiled a list of the top questions that people have about long-term care.

Top Questions Asked

Are All Long-Term Care Insurance Policies the Same?

While policies typically share core benefits, they are not all the same. Most insurance agents and financial advisors know very little about designing a policy because the industry and the product features evolve rapidly.

Are Benefits From a Long-Term Care Insurance Policy Taxable?

Generally, no. Tax-qualified Long-Term Care Insurance benefits come to you tax-free. Insurance companies that pay long-term care insurance benefits are required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to provide claimants with a 1099 LTC.

Are Long-Term Care Insurance Policies Expensive?

No, most of the time long-term care insurance is very affordable. However, it can be more expensive if you are older or have major health issues.

Do I Have to Worry About Pre-Existing Conditions?

he clear majority of plans have no pre-existing language in the policy. They will either approve your application or not. However, a few companies may include a six-month pre-existing clause.

Financial Advisor or Long-Term Care Insurance Specialist?

A better approach to planning for long-term care is working with an industry specialist. Many consumers turn to their financial advisor about long-term care planning but may not be getting the best advice.

What Are the Major Parts of a Long-Term Care Insurance Policy?

There are many parts to a long-term care insurance policy. Let’s review the items a majority of long-term care insurance plans include.

What is a Long-Term Care Partnership Policy?

Partnership policies look and act the same as any other long-term care policies. However, they provide additional asset protection as a reward for people who have planned in advance for the cost of long-term care.

Why Are There Articles About LTC Insurance Premiums Going Up?

These increases are primarily on those “legacy products” that were developed and sold under old rules and old assumptions. Today’s Long-Term Care Insurance is much more rate stable.

Will Long-Term Care Insurance Premiums Go Up?

This might be one of the most asked questions by consumers. This might be due to many articles written about older “legacy products” that were sold decades ago prior to rate stabilization rules and the interest rate crash.

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