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LTC NEWS debuted in July 2015. The website is an online resource for long-term care planning, aging, caregiving, health, and retirement issues to help consumers plan for and better understand the family and financial impact of aging and longevity. LTC NEWS, LLC, took over the assets of the website in June 2020.

In addition to the many articles and resources available on LTC NEWS, we offer a full range of unique digital advertising and marketing opportunities to reach adults aged 40 and up. LTC NEWS provides creative support to design advertising to help businesses and professionals effectively reach their target audience, increase visibility, and improve your website's SEO.


The LTC NEWS audience is an ideal way to engage with consumers living through a long-term health care family crisis or preparing their family and finances for future long-term health care needs.

LTC NEWS also offers sponsored-content opportunities to allow a company, health care provider, insurance or financial professional, and others to engage readers and drive traffic to their website while delivering on their marketing objectives.

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Website and Social Media

LTC NEWS can help you design an awesome website to show the world your products and services. If you are a professional or business linked to aging, caregiving, long-term care, retirement services, insurance, and related areas, LTC NEWS can help.

Need help with developing your social media presence? LTC NEWS can help with that as well. An effective social media strategy can affordably increase awareness and traffic to your business or service.

LTC NEWS can design your social media platform and help you with the basics of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. Your social media space has to look good to start - we will make that happen! Then, what do you with it? We can make recommendations. We can even run your social media if you want.

Internet Marketing

Need help with internet pay-per-click advertising? In addition to marketing opportunities available on LTC NEWS and affiliated websites, we can assist keyword advertising on the Google and Microsoft networks.

No matter what the budget, LTC NEWS can find a way to help increase awareness and drive traffic to your website or business.

LTC NEWS Newsroom

The LTC NEWSROOM accepts press releases. Public relations professionals can pitch a story idea for possible publication on LTC NEWS. Use the contact form below to contact the newsroom or email – newsroom@ltcnews.com

You can also be a contributor to LTC NEWS and write articles that can be published on LTC NEWS and affiliated websites. You can write articles about long-term care, aging, caregiving, health, retirement planning, and other related topics. Authors can link their websites or additional resource information in the article. Learn more by clicking here.

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