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LTC News welcomes guest contributors who support our mission to help educate and inform on all issues that deal with aging, retirement, health, and family caregiving.

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Our Contributors

Do you have an understanding of the financial costs and burdens of aging? Do you have a passion about health and retirement planning? Do you have advice or tips that solve the challenges families face dealing with the physical, emotional and financial burdens long-term care places on loved ones? Maybe you have a personal story you wish to share?

If you are a financial or insurance professional, health professional or a person who has lived or is now living in a situation where you are dealing with the impact of Long-Term Care, your experience and opinion can be featured here.

What You Get

Being featured on LTC News puts your advice, insights, and stories in front of our highly-engaged audience of people planning for their future retirement, looking to safeguard assets from the costs of long-term care.

You’ll also get a short description at the end of your article to highlight your company, website, or blog including a link to your website.

Our Audience

The LTC News audience includes:

  • Adults 40+ researching health topics for themselves or loved ones
  • Family caregivers: spouses, relatives, and friends caring for loved ones
  • Adults seeking information on aging, caregiving and health-related topics
  • Those seeking long-term care solutions - either facility-based or in-home - for themselves or a family member
  • Those seeking Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Agents looking to provide insurance solutions
  • General audiences looking for topical and unbiased health information to lead a fulfilling life

Are We a Good Fit? What to Include in a Submission

Here’s what we typically look for in guest articles:

  • Submit articles on topics related to practical advice for:
    • Health issues, especially relating to those ages 40 and older. This includes topics on healthy aging, medical issues, lifestyle topics and legislative regulations.
    • Families caring for older adults – typically, adult children caring for parents or a spouse caring for a partner.
    • Social issues related to aging.
    • Long-term care planning, including LTC Insurance and alternative products such as asset-based hybrid, short-term care insurance, reverse mortgages, etc.
  • If you share a personal story, include broader tips or advice that will be helpful to others.
  • Articles that are around 600 – 1,200 words typically work best however great content is great content.
  • We will not consider articles that have been published on your own website or blog or other source. Content must be exclusive to LTC News.

Other Advertising Opportunities

LTC News supports sponsored content, which is subject to different submission guidelines than guest article submissions. To learn more, check out our information on sponsored content.

General Submission Guidelines

When you submit a guest article and LTC News publishes it, you agree to the following:

  • You will not be compensated for your article.
  • All articles must contain an author’s name, photo and short bio. Articles without these are subject to sponsored content tags and associated costs.
  • At the end of the article, you can include a brief description (aim for 50 words) with a link back to your website. We may also include an introduction at the beginning with author credit and a link to your website.
  • If you wish a link back to your site, you should include a link to LTC News.
    • Articles that include commercial links outside of a writer’s personal website are subject to LTC News editorial changes.
  • All content must be your own work and any references must be appropriately cited.
    • This includes AI-generated articles, which are prohibited; those found to have been generated by AI will have their work taken off the site and will be prohibited from future submission.
    • AI assistance (brainstorming, outlining, rewriting original work) is acceptable.
  • All content will be edited by LTC News for style and grammar.
  • LTC News may add its own links or ads in any submitted articles.
  • Please do not submit images to go with your content unless they are relevant personal pictures you hold rights for.
  • LTC News reserves the right to remove any guest article with or without a reason.
  • All guest articles will be edited by Long-Term Care Planning News staff before posting. We are not able to provide the article for your review after our edits.
  • Long-Term Care Planning News reserves the right to reject any article.

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