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National Median
Long-Term Care 2021 2036(+15 Years) 2021 2036(+15 Years)
Homemaker Services $4,248 $6,817(+$33,751) $5,259 $8,440(+$41,786)
Home Health Aide $4,450 $7,141(+$35,358) $5,462 $8,764(+$43,394)
Adult Day Care $1,655 $2,656(+$13,150) $2,420 $3,883(+$19,228)
Assisted Living Facility $4,244 $6,810(+$33,717) $6,684 $10,725(+$53,104)
Semi-Private Room $7,895 $12,669(+$62,725) $31,075 $49,866(+$246,902)
Private Room $8,874 $14,240(+$70,507) $29,252 $46,941(+$232,416)

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