Isn't Long-Term Care Insurance About Paying for Nursing Homes? I Don't Want to Go to a Nursing Home

There are few people, if any, that want to go to a nursing home. The fact is most long-term health care is delivered in-home - not in a nursing home. Most Long-Term Care Insurance claims start with in-home care.

There is a 'progression of care'. However, there are many options outside of nursing homes that are available, and Long-Term Care Insurance will cover them.

Adult Day Care

Adult Day Care Centers (ADCCs) have grown in popularity. People get dropped off during the day, similar to childcare. These adult day care centers provide for their needs and include social activities as well, including meals. When a person needs the most attention during the day, they get that attention but come home in the evening. ADCCs allow people to delay or avoid a nursing home or other facility.

Assisted Living Facilities

There are more assisted living facilities being built every month around the country. These long-term care facilities are less 'institutional' and offer more independence and privacy than a nursing home would offer. You have your own apartment in a facility that provides 24/7 support services as you need them. You have a dining room, social activities, and other services available. Often, a completely independent spouse will move in with the spouse that requires care. They can live together and ensure the person who needs help get the quality care they need and desire. 

Some facilities care for those with cognitive issues exclusively. They are designed for the unique needs of those who suffer from some form of dementia. 

In-Home Care

Long-Term Care Insurance provides the guaranteed tax-free resources to pay for your choice of quality care in the setting you desire - including in-home care. LTC Insurance will cover all types of inhome care, skilled, semi-skilled, and homemaker services.

Long-Term Care Insurance, in a way, is nursing home avoidance protection. However, there are situations where a person requires a nursing home. Nursing homes are the most expensive type of long-term care provider. LTC Insurance will pay for care in any of these settings, protecting your income and assets as it reduces the stress and anxiety otherwise placed on those you love.

The policyholder gets to decide how they use their benefits once they qualify for benefits under their policy. A qualified and experienced Long-Term Care Insurance specialist can help you find the most appropriate and affordable plan.


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