Why Can't You Get Quotes Instead of Speaking With an Agent?

Often consumers get frustrated in not being able just to get a price. However, a price on what, exactly? 

Yes, you might get frustrated that you have to speak with an agent to get quotes for Long-Term Care Insurance. However, LTC insurance is medically underwritten and custom-designed. Some questions first must be asked. When you talk to a specialist, it will save you time. Plus, you will get accurate information.

LTC Insurance is Medically Underwritten and Custom Designed

Long-Term Care Insurance is medically underwritten and custom-designed. Every insurance company that offers this product uses different criteria for underwriting. Premiums vary over 100% between insurance companies for the same benefits. While products are similar, they are not all the same. 

Therefore, there is more to it than just getting a price of a policy.

You might start seeing the picture. A licensed insurance agent must obtain details about your age, health, family history, and other factors to determine insurability and select the most appropriate insurance company based on those factors. Otherwise, you could pay substantially more than you should, or you may find yourself declined for coverage altogether.

It is highly recommended you speak to an experienced and qualified Long-Term Care Insurance specialist who works with the top companies to help you in your research. Insurance rates are regulated, so you will not spend more money for the help of a specialist. However, a specialist can save you money and make the process much easier.

How Much Coverage Do You Want or Need?

Policy design is another part of the equation. The cost of care varies depending on where you live. How much do you want the insurance company to pay toward your future care? These questions will be part of a discussion you will have with a specialist.

You will not get accurate quotes or professional recommendations without speaking with a specialist. While very few agents are specialists, some will help you "virtually," so you don't have to meet with them in an office or in your home.  

Some consumers want to answer questions by email. Email is not usually recommended for two reasons. First, email is not typically secure, so you don't want to send a lot of private health information via email. Second, there could be many follow-up questions depending on your answers. 

Email would make it more difficult. Most specialists work with the major insurance companies and will make it easy to get you accurate quotes, so you have something specific to think about.

You can find a trusted and qualified Long-Term Care Insurance specialist by clicking here.

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