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Quality LTC Provides Focus on Training and Safety

Long-term care services are expensive. The focus is also on the quality of care. Not all home health providers are properly trained. Not every facility uses best practices. Paying attention to quality is a family's concern.

Autoimmune Diseases and You

People throw out the term 'autoimmune" disorders often. It seems more people are suffering from these diseases. There are over 80 autoimmune disorders that affect humans.

LTC Health Costs Getting Bigger in Texas

The stars may be big and bright deep in the heart of Texas, but so are long-term health care costs. Increasing demand in Texas will mean higher costs in the years ahead.

Who Will Need Long-Term Health Care?

Polls show that many people today understand they may need long-term health care. However, polls say everyone points to someone else, not at themselves. The result – they ignore planning.

Language Barriers and LTC Growing Concern

Language barriers adversely impact the quality of long-term health care. Most people speak English in the U.S., but many languages are spoken in the U.S., Canada, and the rest of the U.K.

Parent Needs Long-Term Care Now - What Next?

Families are ill prepared when Mom or Dad needs long-term health care. Four major questions should be asked. Meanwhile, what have you done to prevent a crisis when you need care decades from now?

Understand Frailty - Another Part of Aging

We experience changes in our health and bodies as we get older. Some people become frail. Frailty is not a normal part of aging but has tremendous consequences including higher risk of needing long-term care.

Can't Escape Aging - It's Happening Worldwide

With more advances in medical science, the world is getting older. The consequences of aging have huge impacts on governments and families. Ignoring the costs and burdens of aging can be devastating.

I’m Not Old Yet – Why Worry About Long-Term Care?

You might think retirement is a ways away, and long-term care certainly not on your mind. Since the world is getting older, the consequences of longevity will significantly impact you and your family. Better way attention, now.

Don't Plan for a Nursing Home - Plan Independence at Home

According to statistics, many of the COVID-19 deaths have occurred in long-term care facilities. The need for extended care has been growing even before the virus crisis. Families are now researching in-home care for parents and planning for their future long-term care.

Once You Hit Age 50 Aging in Place Becomes Attractive Idea

How will you address future aging? The idea of aging-in-place is even more popular as a result of the virus crisis. Whether you need future long-term care or not, your health, body, and mind will change as you get older. Planning is essential.

Majority of LTC Insurance Buyers are in Their 50s

Personal family experience with long-term care is one of several reasons most people purchase Long-Term Care Insurance before they retire. The consequence of longevity place enormous pressure on families and finances.

Dementia Diagnosis – Now What?

One in three seniors die with dementia. When your loved one exhibits symptoms, what are the next steps? What can you do differently now in your life to avoid the crisis your family is about to experience?

Acting on Future Long-Term Care Provides Financial Security

Since 2001 November has been Long-Term Care Awareness Month. As we give thanksgiving for our blessings and families, it is a good time to think about the consequences of aging and the impact long-term health care would have on family and finances.

Economic Uncertainly Emphasizes Need for LTC

The economic uncertainty because of the virus crisis has made some people question if they should still be planning for long-term care. The guaranteed tax-free benefits are exactly what many families need as part of their retirement plan.

Caregivers: Better Reduce Stress for Your Health

Family caregivers face stress and anxiety. The role of a caregiver has its consequences on the health of the caregiver. There are ways to manage this stress. Preparing your future care now will ease burdens on your family.

"We are the Elderly” - Pope Francis Speaks Out

Pope Francis again has spoken out on the value of the elderly. He urges the world not to discard those who are older. We will all get older. Planning for our future older years will give you and your family peace-of-mind.

New Missouri Law Allows Cameras in Nursing Homes

Missouri joins several other states allowing a camera to be installed in a family member’s nursing home room. It is intended to help limit abuse and give family the ability to stay connected with their loved one.

Aging, Sleep and Your Gut, Changes and Warning Signs

Don’t worry, if it hasn’t happened yet, it will. As we get older we start having problems with our gut and sleep. Better sleep means better health. Preparing for aging is important for health, family, and finances.

40% of COVID-19 Deaths are Nursing Home Residents

No matter where long-term care is delivered it is close and personal. There is no ‘social distancing’ when providing care. COVID-19 is presenting challenges in how care is delivered. Having choice of quality care in the future even more important than ever.

More Americans are Caregivers Than Ever Before

Another research study is showing the significant impact caregiving is having on American families. Without long-term care insurance, family members become caregivers. A growing number of loved ones find themselves in this role.

Caregiver Burnout Managing Responsibilities

American families are facing the difficult responsibility of being a caregiver for a family member. The burn-out and burden on those caregivers bring many challenges for family members. There are ways to address burnout.

Thinking About Long-Term Care Amid COVID-19?

Is now really the time we need to be thinking Long-Term Care? Unexpected events influence our savings. Events like 9/11, the 2008 sub-prime mortgage crisis, and the current virus crisis can create losses when we least expect it.

Post COVID-19 World Brings Changes in Long-Term Care

One of the results of the virus crisis will be changes in long-term care. These changes should bring even better quality and safeguards. As more Americans need extended care, preparing is essential before retirement.

17% of Non-Caregivers Expect to be Caregivers

The recent COVID-19 virus crisis shows us the many challenges of long-term care and caregiving. Many existed prior to this crisis. Advance planning, including LTC Insurance, makes future long-term care easier and affordable.

America Experiencing Loss of Independence

It happened fast. An unexpected event caused panic in the markets. The virus crisis changed how we live and work, as least for the time being. This loss of independence is similar to the fear many older people feel as they age.

Crisis Devastates Assets Even in a Good Economy

In an uncertain world, the value of affordable Long-Term Care Insurance has never been greater. Guaranteed tax-free benefits will safeguard savings and income and reduce family stress no matter what crisis is occurring.

Pets Add Longevity and Add Comfort

Your dog or cat may be a great asset to your overall health and well-being. With longevity, a dog could be a great partnership in your plan for both physical and emotional health as you get older.

When Mom or Dad Starts Long-Term Care

When Mom or Dad needs long-term care, it can create a crisis within the family. What steps should be taken? What are the costs of paid care services? Advance planning makes aging issues easier.

Do More Than Just Be Aware of Long-Term Care

With November being National Long-Term Care Awareness Month a family discussion of how to address the financial costs and burdens of aging is essential before you retire. One affordable solution is LTC Insurance.

Long-Term Care Getting Attention on 2020 Campaign Trail

The campaign for President is in full swing. One of the big issues is health care, but this time around many candidates are talking about long-term care. Proposals include free care to additional tax incentives for Long-Term Care Insurance.

Dementia Comes Out of Hiding on Social Media

Social media is in the news. As more people experience a family member suffering from memory loss the issue is coming out of the shadows. People share their thoughts and feelings about dementia and long-term care.

Poll Shows Caregivers Neglecting Their Own Health

American families are directly impacted by longevity. Aging means more of us require long-term care services. Family caregivers feel stress when no advance plan is in place often impacting their health and well-being.

Dogs are a Best Friend for Those with Dementia

The number of American’s who suffer from Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia continues to grow. Carried service dogs can be an important part of the caregiving team. If you have a loved one who has memory loss a dog could help.

STUDY: Caregiver’s Health & Well-Being

A university study shows the obvious. Caregiving is hard on family members. It places substantial burdens on careers and their own families. Long-Term Care Insurance can reduce the burdens if you plan.

Tax Proposal May Give Nebraskans Deduction

28 states offer some type of tax credit or deduction for Long-Term Care Insurance. A new measure introduced by a Nebraska state senator would provide a new tax credit for Nebraskans as they plan for Long-Term Care.

This Is Why Long-Term Care Insurance is Affordable

Longevity is requiring planning and Long-Term Care Insurance is part of the discussion. The facts suggest these plans are both affordable and rate stable providing asset protection for those planning prior to retirement.

Polypharmacy Has Consequences with Aging Adults

How many medications are you taking? As we age we are prescribed more drugs. Polypharmacy, the use of too many medications, becomes common with aging and can cause significant morbidity and mortality.

Long-Term Care Spending Continues to Rise

As America ages, the impact of Long-Term Care costs have a dramatic impact on both a family’s budget and government budgets. As more people age and require care advance plan is a necessary part of retirement planning.

New Guidelines for High Blood Pressure

New aggressive guidelines encourage individuals & physicians to be more pro-active when dealing with high blood pressure. The goal to reduce risks of heart attack, stroke and long-term care.

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