10 Different Ways Nursing Homes Can Get More Testimonials

Successfully marketing long-term care facilities requires a keen understanding of the unique needs and concerns of aging individuals and their families. Effective campaigns emphasize quality of care, community engagement, and personalized experiences.

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10 Different Ways Nursing Homes Can Get More Testimonials
3 Min Read September 18th, 2023

If you own or manage a long-term care facility, you understand families have many options for their loved ones. How do you make your facility stand out?

Testimonials are a great way to showcase the quality of care provided at nursing homes. They build trust, cultivate relationships, and assure new residents and their families that they've made the right choice. But how can you get more of these golden nuggets? Let's take a look. 

10 Ways Nursing Homes Can Get More Testimonials 

There are different strategies nursing homes can use to encourage more testimonials. These methods will help you uncover new ideas for garnering great reviews. 

  1. Actively Request Testimonials

Don't shy away from encouraging residents and their families to offer feedback about your services. Make it clear that their opinions are valuable and lead to better quality of care. You can host a conversation with them and ask if they would be comfortable providing a testimonial. 

Be sure to communicate clearly, smile, make eye contact, and express genuine interest in their experiences, which will likely make them more inclined to share positive feedback.

2.     Leverage Social Media

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have immense reach and are excellent public forums for people to share their experiences. Encourage residents, their family members, or friends to leave positive reviews about your nursing home on these platforms. 

Create engaging posts or ask thought-provoking questions that invite responses from followers. Remember to keep track and promptly respond to all feedback provided to show appreciation.

3.     Conduct Surveys

Surveys are an effective way to garner testimonials for your nursing home. Regularly ask your residents and their families to participate in self-explanatory, easy-to-understand surveys. 

Let the survey include a section asking for written testimonials about the positive and negative experiences at your nursing home. This promotes transparency, and insights gained from these honest testimonials by your clients can be a stepping stone towards making improvements.

4.     Use Email/SMS Marketing

After the residents' families or the seniors themselves have used your services, send them a personalized email or text message. This message should request their personal feedback. 

Ensure it’s quick and easy for them to respond, such as clicking on a link in the email that leads to a simple feedback form. This approach will imply that their opinion and satisfaction matter, subsequently increasing their willingness to provide valuable, hopefully positive, testimonials.

5.     Provide Excellent Services

What is the most straightforward strategy to garner testimonials? Provide excellent services! When satisfied, residents and their families will want to share their positive experiences. 

This could involve ensuring you're providing top-quality medical care, offering engaging activities for residents, or simply treating each person with kindness and respect. By going the extra mile, you'll be setting a foundation for an abundant flow of glowing testimonials.

6.     Organize Family Days

Organizing 'Family Days' can be a strategic and enjoyable way to gather testimonials for your nursing home. By inviting family members to spend an entire day at your facility, they get first-hand insight into how well their loved ones are being cared for and treated. 

These visits create a bond between the staff, residents, and their families. Once they witness the high standard of care provided, it's likely that they'll voluntarily offer positive testimonials. 

7.     Create a Feedback/Q&A Page on Your Website

Having a dedicated feedback page on your nursing home's website serves several purposes. Not only does it invite potential residents and their families to ask about anything they're unsure of, but it also provides a platform for residents and their families to share testimonials. 

When site visitors see all the positive commentary about your services, they're more likely to feel confident in choosing your facility. Plus, it'll show that your organization is transparent.

8.     Email Signatures

Including links in your staff's email signatures is a straightforward method of encouraging testimonials. Direct recipients to various online platforms where they can leave reviews or testimonials by embedding links within every email sent from your nursing home. 

A polite request for feedback, coupled with a quick access link to leave a testimonial, not only simplifies the process but also serves as a gentle reminder to clients that their opinion matters. 

9.     Introduce Incentives

Introducing incentives can be a beneficial strategy in encouraging more testimonials. By offering rewards such as discounts or small gifts, you communicate your appreciation for their time. 

The incentive doesn't have to be grand or expensive, as a simple gesture of gratitude can go a long way. This method encourages positivity and engagement and could lead to satisfied residents and their families becoming more active in sharing their experiences.

10.  Word Of Mouth Referrals

Word of mouth remains one of the most powerful marketing tools. Happy residents and their satisfied family members are likely to share their positive experiences with others. Encourage such sharing by building a robust referral program that offers perks like discounts or privileges. 

Not only will you get direct testimonials from your existing clients, but you will indirectly gain potential future testimonials from the new residents via these word-of-mouth recommendations.

In Conclusion…

As you implement these strategies for gathering testimonials, remember that the key is genuine care, consistency, and commitment to serve. Happy residents and their families are your best ambassadors, so impress them if you want them to willingly share their positive experiences. 

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