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Report Reveals Future Long-Term Care Risk Substantial

A recent study on long-term health care reinforces previous research suggesting that many people will need long-term care, and planning is essential. No matter how relevant, statistics don't always convince us to take action on any topic, especially this one.

Pain: Precursor to Dementia - Cases Increasing

Research now shows a connection between chronic pain when you are younger and the development of dementia. The facts show that we experience changes in our health, body, and mind as we get older. Preparing is essential.

Website Launched for Alzheimer's by NIH

A new government website will feature many resources to help families and those affected by Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. With more American's affected with cognitive decline, information is critical.

Long-Term Care Insurance Usage is 50-50 Says Group

An analysis conducted by the AALTCI says those with an LTC policy can have up to a 50% chance of using benefits. Preparing for the future costs and burdens of aging not only safeguards assets but reduces the stress and burden on loved ones.

Family Caregivers Can Face Decades of Work

A recent study in Canada shows the pressure that family caregivers face and the amount of time their role will last. Preparing for the future costs and burdens of aging will reduce the stress and safeguard income and savings.

Remembering Gene Wilder’s and Alzheimer’s

Gene Wilder, star of Willy Wonka and other major movies, passed-away at age 83 in 2016 after suffering with Alzheimer’s. Many American families deal with the stress and burden of caring for a loved one with dementia.

End-of-Life Care Changes Due to Virus Crisis

There seems to be many ‘new normal’ items today because of the virus crisis. Even end-of-life and hospice are affected by COVID-19. Advance directives and professional help make life’s end easier on family.

Keeping an Eye on Eyesight as You Get Older

Vision problems and diseases in aging adults usually occur after the age of 50. Some of which create dependency as you get older. We face many challenges with aging, preparing is essential.

Top Options for Long-Term Care Insurance in 2021

Discover the top three options for LTC Insurance. Some people think LTC Insurance is too expensive (it's not). Others think it can be complicated (it can be). Planning before you retire is crucial to a successful future retirement.

Where Will You Be When You Get Older?

Is your home age and disability friendly? Prepare your family and finances for the consequences of aging. LTC Insurance gives you the choice of care, including in-home care.

A Curable Dementia? Yes!

It is not often there is good news about dementia treatment. Although only affecting a small percentage of cognitive impairment, researchers now have a cure for one type of dementia that often gets misdiagnosed.

In-Home Care Dominate LTC Insurance Claims

An analysis of Long-Term Care Insurance claims show American families are benefiting from in-home care with the money coming from their LTC Insurance policy. Policyholders have the choice of how they use their benefits.

NFL Gale Sayers Dies with Dementia at Age 77

Football Hall of Famer Gale Sayers has died. Sayers suffered with dementia. The football star played for the Chicago Bears after an outstanding college career at University of Kansas. He is another football star to suffer from dementia.

Memory Problems More Common Than You Think

You clicked on this story; do you remember why? Did it spike a concern? Knowing the consequences of aging is important before you get old. Memory problems are often benign and caused by other things. Sometimes its dementia.

America’s Dependency Ratio Increases

The U.S. Census is confirming what we already know. Americans are getting older. As Late-Boomers get close to age 65, the remaining Boomers still have longevity. More dependency means planning is essential.

Nursing Homes to Get Rapid COVID-19 Tests

Every nursing home in the U.S. will get COVID-19 testing immediately in an announcement made by the Trump Administration. Being called a historical moment that will save lives, will quickly identify residents who need isolation.

Nebraska Benefiting from Aggressive Infection Control

Deaths related to COVID-19 are often those who are older or with severe pre-existing health issues. The most vulnerable are those in nursing homes. LTC facilities have taken steps to protect residents and staff. Nebraska is one state who has been very aggressive in this area.

Florida: “Keep Away from DNA”

More Americans are taking DNA tests to discover information about their ancestry and health. This information has been used against them in insurance applications. A new Florida law provides for DNA privacy.

Long-Term Care Insurance Premiums Vary Over 100%

A study shows Long-Term Care Insurance premiums can vary as much as 100% or more from one company to another. As you plan for the financial costs and burdens of aging before you retire be sure to shop for the most affordable coverage.

Pricing Long-Term Care Insurance Shows Stability

Long-Term Care Insurance remains a very affordable way to address the financial costs and burdens that come with aging. A national study of insurance companies shows premiums for new coverage in 2019 varies slightly from plans available in 2018.

Sandra Day O'Connor Diagnosed with Dementia

Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor announced she has dementia. She is a growing list of people who now must deal with the physical, emotional and financial burdens that come with longevity and long-term care.

Future Long-Term Care Insurance Rate Increase Risk Near Zero

As people consider longevity, the cost of Long-Term Care Insurance is on many minds. Today’s LTC policies are rate stable with a near zero chance of rate increases in the future, according to the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance.

Tax Law Encourages Long-Term Care Planning

American families are being impacted by the financial costs and burdens of aging. Long-Term Care costs are expensive. Tax benefits make LTC insurance even more affordable. Plan before retirement.

Family Caregiving Often Brings Conflict

As more Boomers require long-term care due to illness, accidents or aging the lack of planning means families must go to ‘crisis management’. This often leads to sibling strife. Conflicts can be avoided.

NFL Dwight Clark Dead at Age 61

NFL Dwight Clark has died at the age of 61. Dwight was suffering from ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). Dwight had played for the San Francisco 49ers in 1979-1987.

Long-Term Care Insurance Delivers Care at Home

Recent studies show most Long-Term Care Insurance claims start with care at home. While most people think the insurance just pays for nursing homes the reality is the opposite. In 2017 Over $9.2 Billion in benefits were paid to American families.

Multi-Generational Households on the Rise

American longevity is creating an increase of multigenerational households. As more people require help with normal activities/long-term care, this places a burden on adult children and their families.

ER Visits for Older Americans May Signal Decline

An elder Mom or Dad may not always reveal health or aging issues with their adult children. An ER visit often becomes the first sign and creates crisis management if no advance plan for Long-Term Care exists.

Lady Gaga Cancelled Tour with Concern for Health

Like many Americans, pop star Lady Gaga is suffering from fibromyalgia, a painful condition which can impact activity and even cause future long-term care. Advance plan with LTC insurance will help provide quality care.

The Right Dog for Empty Nesters

The kids are out of the house and now you need a new face to look at. Perhaps your older mom and dad need something to keep them active. Having the right dog can be helpful, fun and good for your health and well-being.

Millennials More Aware of Long-Term Care?

Generation X, Late-Boomers and Boomers understand the impact of aging on retirement savings, but a survey shows Millennials are more aware of their future need of Long-Term Care

Pay Attention to Aging this Holiday Season

Being "Home for the Holidays" gives you an opportunity to see loved ones. Take time to notice aging and health changes before a crisis occurs. Then think about your longevity plans.

Impact of Family Caregiving

As more people require long-term care services those with no advance plan place family members into the position of being a caregiver. A study outlines the implications and impact of family caregivers. LTC Insurance can help your family.

Is America Ready for Retirement and Aging?

Americans seem to be more prepared for retirement than their counterparts throughout the world. One item that could negatively impact savings is the cost of long-term care. LTC insurance can be an affordable way to protect your 401(k).

Nursing Homes Still Vital to LTC

When people think long-term care many think about nursing homes. While most long-term care is provided outside a nursing home, these facilities are costly. Advance planning is essential.

LTC Insurance Tax Deduction Taken by More

Nearly nine million Americans deducted medical and dental expenses which can now include long-term care insurance premium costs according to a report released by the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance.

Will Medicaid Cuts Impact Long-Term Care

Medicaid cuts are reductions in increased budget spending but the impact on your future long-term care has become a big concern. What is the impact and will private LTC insurance be an answer?

US Census – America Getting Older

A new report shows we are an aging nation. This will impact your future retirement plan and health costs including long-term care which could mean outliving your money.

Commissioners Urge Congress to Bolster LTC Insurance

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners is urging Congress to make policy changes bolstering Long-Term Care Insurance and its availability to the public as it faces the challenges of an aging population.

Tips for Caring For Aging Parents

Looking out of aging parents is not easy. Planning will make it easier. These tips may help your parent as you think about your own long-term care plan.

LTC Insurance Helping Avoid Nursing Homes

People with long-term care insurance are receiving a majority of their benefits outside a nursing home according to a new study from the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance.

David Cassidy - Did He Die with Dementia?

David Cassidy, pop culture idol of the 1970s, died Tuesday, November 21, 2017, at a Fort Lauderdale, Florida, area hospital. He was 67. He said he had dementia but did he?

LTC Claims Rise In 2016

More and more people have long-term care insurance, and people are receiving benefits in record numbers. More people require care and LTC insurance protects assets & eases the burden on a family.

Top States For Long Term Care Planning

More American's are seeking help with planning for the physical, emotional and financial burdens of Long Term Health Care. A national consumer group announced the top 10 states for LTC planning.

Family Caregivers, Financial Costs, and Burdens

New AARP report highlights the amount of money that family caregivers spend of providing care to family member. Hispanic families impacted even more. LTC insurance will reduce this burden and protect assets.

Interest In LTC Insurance Increase

As more Generation X and Late Boomers make retirement plans sales of Long-Term Care Insurance increase. More people interested in safeguarding their 401k and IRA.

Strokes Impacting Younger Americans

Once thought to only impact older Boomers, more GenX'ers are suffering from strokes. The consequences include Long-Term Care and burden on loved ones.

Whole-Grain Diet Can Help Blood Pressure

A new study shows that eating the right grains reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. This is key since as we age cardiovascular disease can lead to many health issues including Long Term Health Care and death.

IRS 2017 Tax Deduction Schedule for LTC Insurance

Individuals and businesses can take advantage of special tax treatment of Long-Term Care Insurance policies. This makes it even more affordable to safeguard future retirement income & assets from high costs of extended care.

Millennials, Gen X & Late Boomers Long-Term Care

Generation X and Late-Boomers should plan for long-term care before they retire. If they fail to plan, their Millennial children will have the responsibility and burden of caregiving. LTC Insurance is an affordable solution.

Eric Clapton Career May End, Peripheral Neuropathy

The pop & rock stars that played on your radio are now aging, just like you. Health issues which cause Long-Term Care impacts retirement savings. Safeguarding savings with affordable LTC insurance should be part of your plan

Memory Loss Looms Large in Retirement Planning

More people are living longer and risk of memory loss is high.The financial costs & burdens of aging will impact retirement savings. Affordable LTC insurance will protect savings and not burden your family.

Dementia Incidence Highest Among African Americans

African Americans and Native Americans have the highest incidence rates of dementia, according to research. People require long-term health care due to an illness, accident, or the impact of aging. This includes the risk of cognitive decline. Planning is essential.

Maurice White Dies at Age 74

After dealing with the impact of Parkinson’s for 24 years, Maurice White, the founding member of Earth, Wind, and Fire, passes away at 74. He, like many American’s, had to live with the care required from this disease.

Thriving and Living Longer at Age 100+

The fastest-growing age demographic in America is 90+ and many living to 100+. Preparing for the changes in your health, body, and mind is essential for obtaining future quality care and asset protection.

Is Your 401(k) a Long-Term Health Care Solution?

Don't depend on your 401(k) as a solution for paying for your future long-term health care. Markets go up and down without notice. You will see changes in your health, body, and mind, often without notice. Plan before you retire.

White House asks for Funding Ideas on Long-Term Care

The White House has issued their Conference on Aging Report. WHCOA, which is held every ten years, deals with issues of aging and Long Term Health Care. Report outlines the high risk that Americans face due to LTC.

Long-Term Care Insurance is Affordable and Effective

Today's LTC Insurance provides policyholders with guaranteed tax-free resources to pay for their choice of quality care options. Despite what some news stories will tell you, LTC Insurance is affordable for most families.

Get Off Your Butt! Long Sits Erodes Health

Even if you work out, sitting for long periods of time at work or watching TV can lead to health issues that lead to death or Long Term Health Care. Getting up and moving around will help.

Glass of Red Wine = Gym Workout Really?

Some people like their glass of red wine. There are health benefits, according to research. Nonetheless, it doesn't solve all aging issues. Prepare family and finances for the costs and burdens of longevity.

Marrying After 50? Consider Financial Issues

You remember the Beatles song, “All You Need Is Love”. When considering love and marriage after age 50 you might need more. Affordable Long-Term Care Insurance is an essential part of planning.

IRS Announces 2016 Deductible LTC Insurance

The Internal Revenue Service has announced the 2016 tax deductible limits for Long-Term Care Insurance. Many state and federal tax advantages are available to help consumers make affordable LTC insurance part of their retirement.

Losing Sleep Over Sleep?

Once you reach age 45 and approach your ‘fragile 50’s’ health issues and medications can cause problems with sleep. Sleep issues can also add to health issues.

Virtual Care In Your Future?

Virtual care services are becoming reality expanding quality care to more people & reducing costs. In Long Term Health Care, virtual care can help people stay at home, reduce costs and avoid a facility.

Lack of LTC Planning Creates Family Caregivers with Many Challenges

More people find themselves in the role of being a caregiver for a parent. This role is physically and emotionally demanding. It also creates financial problems for the caregiver as they often must leave their career or reduce hours. Pre-planning will lessen the burden on your family.

Long-Term Care Insurance Policy Enhancements

With more and more people investigating affordable Long-Term Care Insurance and making it part of retirement planning, a leading consumer and trade advocate notes that new policy benefits favor consumers who buy LTCi.

Study: Drinking Water Before Meals = Weight Loss

Health issues as a result of Obesity are a main factor in increased risk of Long Term Health Care. A new British study suggests drinking a pint of tap water before meals will help people lose weight.

America Entering the ‘Golden Age of Caregiving’

The U.S. has entered the ‘Golden Age of Caregiving’ with more family members becoming caregivers while taking care of their own families and living their own lives. A new study shows caregivers work 1.2 billion unpaid hours.

Report: Dementia Cases to Triple by 2050

Those afflicted with memory loss is expected to triple in 35 years. Now a leading reason people require Long Term Health Care, the 100 types of dementias and the impact memory loss has on loved ones will become an even bigger

Call for Additional Tax Deduction For LTC Insurance

A public policy group founder calls for additional tax incentives to help consumers buy LTC Insurance. Joseph Stango, founder of “Choice Centered Medicaid” is calling for additional tax benefits because of the financial risk.

Are Bill and Hillary Paying Too Much Taxes?

Bill and Hillary Clinton might be paying too much in taxes. One thing they could do is deduct their LTC insurance. Bill helped make LTC premiums deductible and Hillary in the past has supported LTC insurance tax credits.

Childless Boomers Who Will Care for Them?

Who Will Provide Care for Childless Boomers? Many will grow old without family to look after them. With advances in medical science allowing us to live longer and longer issues for these boomers like POA’s and Long-Term Care.

Dementia Victims Younger and Younger

With research showing dementia victims are getting memory loss at younger ages has created additional pressures for loved ones. Planning ahead and seeing a MD right away are key.

The Lurking Wolf in Retirement Planning

Despite the odds, many people fail to consider the consequences of long-term care costs when putting together their retirement plan. The future costs and burdens of aging will have a big impact on family and finances.

Long-Term Care Changes Everyone and Everything

But few people make preparations for dealing with and paying for Long Term Health Care. This inevitable part of life that can drain a family both emotionally and financially. Long-Term Care Insurance can make getting older easier on family and finances.

Alzheimer's Different for African Americans and Latinos

African-Americans are twice as likely as whites to develop Alzheimer's. Research suggests it impacts African-Americans in a different way compared to others. An advance plan, including Long-Term Care Insurance, is key to retirement planning.

Divorce, Remarriage and Long Term Care Planning

You might have something in common with Bill and Melinda Gates. Gray divorce. How will that impact future long-term care? How would getting married a second or third time affect long-term care planning?

The 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's disease is expected to triple by 2050. This means you need understand the warnings signs and plan for the financial costs and burdens of aging. For many, this means an affordable Long-Term Care policy.

Long-Term Care Costs Vary Greatly By State and Type

Many people are now planning for Long-Term Health Care as part of retirement planning. Yet, while they may be buying Long Term Care Insurance they don't consider the cost of care which can vary depending on where one lives.

You Have Early Onset Alzheimer’s

Most people think Alzheimer's happens to someone else, elderly people. Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease impacts many. The stories can make you cry.

80% of People Buying LTC Insurance Are Ages 45 to 65

Long-Term Care Insurance has become an important part of retirement planning. The American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance, a national consumer group, reports that buyers are getting even younger as more people plan.

Five Ways To Protect Your Retirement Income

One of the biggest involuntary risks we face is Long Term Health Care. Fidelity Investments, one of the largest mutual fund and financial services groups in the world, makes suggestions which includes planning with affordable

Key Tips to Consider To Plan for the Consequences of Aging

The "sandwich generation" are people caught between taking care of their own children while taking care of parents who need extended care. Are you prepared to deal with your future long-term care needs? There are several key tips to consider before retirement.

How Technology Will Revolutionize Long Term Care

Technology will give people who require Long Term Health Care additional choices to make their life better. Many Long-Term Care Insurance policies will provide benefits to pay for advances in technology that may become available.

Why Most Alzheimer's Patients Are Women

Memory loss is a major factor in a person's need for extended Long-Term Care Services. Women are double impacted in that they need care more than men and they are caregivers for men as well.

5 Signs of Alzheimer's That Show Up Before Memory Loss

Memory loss is a leading cause of why a person may need Long Term Health Care. Knowing early signs is important so you can get a head's up on a loved one. This is also a reason why you should make Long-Term Care Insurance part of retirement planning.

The Realities of Long Term Care for Elderly

Longevity means we will face changes in our health, body and mind. Often these changes lead to a high risk of needing long-term health care. Care is costly and family caregivers face stress and anxiety.

Use HSA to Pay for Long Term Care Insurance Premiums

Many people have HSA's and don't know they can pay for their affordable Long-Term Care Insurance with pre-tax money. New 2022 contribution limits were announced by the IRS allowing people to contribute more money to HSAs.

Declined LTC Applicants Have More Available Options

Short -Term Care Coverage might be available for those who have been declined for long-term care Insurance according to consumer group. Plus, those with health issues who have been told there are no options might have an option. Seek a specialist to assist you in your research.

LTC Insurance Claims Over $7.5 Billion

Some people wonder if Long-Term Care Insurance actually pays claims. According to a national trade group, LTC policies paid almost $8 billion in claims in just 2014.

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