Retire from Your Job – Not Life. Second Career Adds Passion.

Many people start thinking about retiring from their job but not retiring from life. They want a second career, a new passion. There are options. A second career can be part of retirement planning.

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Retire from Your Job – Not Life. Second Career Adds Passion.
3 Min Read May 14th, 2021

There was a time, not long ago, when you stayed with the same employer your entire life. You retired, probably received a defined pension, and enjoyed the time you had left. 

Those days are gone, and the late-boomers and generation X are the first generations considering - and taking on second careers after age 50. Pursuing a new career is an opportunity to see how you feel about new things and use your experience. Your options are only limited to your health, imagination, interests, and skills.

There are Many Options for Second Careers

There are countless reasons that you may be looking to switch your career or looking to pick up a job once again after ending your last one. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of options to choose from. The trick is to look for careers where you can use the experience you already have. Here are some great ideas for second careers later in life that you can consider.


Becoming a consultant is a natural path for anyone who has experience in a specific occupation or industry. You're effectively an advisor to those who are still currently in that field. You use your expert knowledge to give them advice and help them with projects and decision-making.


Becoming a teacher is another excellent way to apply the knowledge you have and give it back to those who need it. You can really help shape the future and make a difference in many lives as a teacher. This is true whether you're instructing kids or adults.

Personal Trainer

Although this job doesn't allow you to apply your prior knowledge in the same way as the other jobs, it can promote a healthy lifestyle. Teaching and helping others to stay fit is great for many people. Through this profession, you can improve your clients' lifestyles as well as your own. For instance, you might find yourself eating better to set a good example and put different healthy habits into practice.

Tour Guide

Guiding others through an area that you're familiar with is a wonderful job. As a tour guide, you'll get to meet many different people, and you can talk about your memories and interesting topics all day long. Additionally, you can lead ground tours or helicopter tours. Helicopter tours can be fun, but you need a helicopter license and medical certificates to do this job.

Non-profit Groups

Some people consider using their experience to benefit the community or cause. Working with a non-profit group or organization allows you to 'give back.' About 33% of those who take on a second career after retirement do just this. Whether you are volunteering - or in a paid position - many non-profit groups would love help from experienced pros in many fields. 

More Meaning? More Cash? Both?

These are just some great ideas for second careers later in life. There are plenty of other paths you can take. Whether you are looking for more meaning in your life or fun or just extra cash, there are many options available. Try to go for something that uses what you already know and offers a new lifestyle.

Before you retire, you should consider how you will address the future costs and burdens of aging. Your health, body, and mind will change as you get older. Many of these changes will lead to your need for long-term health care. Do not depend on your family; the role of being a caregiver is physically and emotionally demanding. Paid care service will drain income and assets and change your lifestyle and legacy. 

The affordable solution for many people is Long-Term Care Insurance. You will have guaranteed tax-free benefits giving you a choice of quality care, including in-home care. You will not become dependent on your family. 

The best time to plan is before your retirement, ideally in your 40s or 50s. There are several types of available plans; seek the help of a trusted and experienced Long-Term Care Insurance specialist to assist you in your research.  

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Preparing your family and finances for changing health in the future will safeguard assets and reduce the stress and anxiety otherwise placed on your loved ones. 

Affordable Long-Term Care Insurance gives you access to your choice of quality care either at home or in a facility. You remain in control and your family will have the time to be family. 

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