Senior Bathroom Tips in COVID Age

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Published: Sep 18th, 2020
Senior Bathroom Tips in COVID Age

You probably have noticed that you have a few extra aches and pains that didn't exist the day before as you have become older. Unfortunately, this is part of aging. As you get into your 70s, sometimes earlier, you start having problems with everyday living activities. Certain health issues make doing the most routine activity difficult.

If you have a parent, family member, or friend that is older, one item we take for granted becomes more problematic, especially in the age of the virus crisis. 

Can’t Ignore Bathroom Activities

Going to the bathroom is an activity we all do. As the TV commercial says, "we all have to go". Think of all the activities you do in the bathroom, washing your hands and face, shaving, brushing your teeth, using the toilet, bathing or showering are things we can't avoid. 

The website Daily Caring has put together a list of bathroom aides to make the bathroom visit easier on those who are older. Just click here to read.

Will You Be Sick Enough to Need Extended Care?

Many people feel they will never get sick enough to require long-term care. Needing long-term care services is often not about being "sick." It is all about needing help and assistance with our daily activities that become more difficult to perform as we get older or face health challenges.

Yes, you can suffer health issues that do require more medical-related extended care. However, most long-term care is custodial, semi-skilled help that we cannot do without.

The cost of care is expensive and drains assets and adversely impacts lifestyle and legacy. You will either pay for care from your savings, or your family will provide the care. There is a better solution.

LTC Insurance Gives You Choice

Affordable Long-Term Care Insurance gives you access to your choice of quality care at home or, if required, in a facility. You get to protect your assets, and your family gets the time to be family and not forced into becoming your caregiver. 

Experts suggest planning before you retire, ideally in your 40s or 50s. Speak with a specialist who represents the top companies since premiums can vary over 100% between companies.

Start your research with the resources on LTC NEWS by clicking here. You can find a trusted and qualified Long-Term Care Insurance specialist by clicking here.

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An LTC News author focusing on long-term care and aging.

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LTC News Contributor James Kelly
James Kelly

Contributor Since
August 21st, 2017

LTC News author focusing on long-term care and aging.

About the Author

LTC News author focusing on long-term care and aging.

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