LTC NEWS Offers Enhanced Tools for Long-Term Care Planning has been redesigned to provide more tools and resources to help American families plan for the financial costs and burdens of aging. Planning for long-term care is an essential part of retirement planning.

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LTC NEWS Offers Enhanced Tools for Long-Term Care Planning
4 Min Read October 29th, 2019

Since 2015, LTC NEWS has provided comprehensive resources and articles about one of the most talked-about topics in retirement planning, long-term care. A leading website addressing this topic, LTC NEWS has been redesigned to provide the tools and resources needed to make longevity easier on your family and your finances.

LTC NEWS provides many tools to help families as they think about their longevity and the impact long-term care will have on their savings and lifestyle. LTC NEWS combines articles, features, resources, and other tools to give American families the information they demand to help them plan before they retire.

 “We are very proud of the powerful information we have put all in one place. American families are dealing with long-term care each and every day. The impact of longevity places tremendous stress and burden on American families. The cost of paid care services is more than just financial devastation for many families. Yes, it drains assets and adversely impacts income and lifestyle, but families get changed because long-term care touches an entire family.” 

Daniel Pope, webmaster for LTC NEWS.

Health Insurance – Medicare Not an Answer

People require long-term care services and support due to illness, accident, or the impact of longevity. The need for extended care does happen at all ages but does increase with longevity. Health insurance, including Medicare and supplements, only pays a limited amount of skilled services. There are several ways to plan for long-term care including Long-Term Care Insurance which has become an essential part of retirement planning for many American families.

The updated LTC NEWS website helps people educate themselves about the current and future cost of care services in every state, find the availability of Long-Term Care Partnership policies, state and federal tax incentives, news articles on long-term care, health and retirement planning, and much more.

“These resources are all available on one website helping individuals and couples learn about how to best plan for the impact long-term care will have on their families and finances.” 

Daniel Pope

Without Advance Planning Your Family May Become Caregivers

The risk of needing some type of long-term care service in your lifetime increases as you get older. Without any advance planning, the responsibility of caregiving often falls on a daughter or daughter-in-law, an individuals’ savings, or both.  

There are several types of planning products which include traditional Long-Term Care Insurance, Partnership certified polices with additional asset protection, asset-based or hybrid policies which also offer death benefits, and short-duration policies.

The benefits and premiums vary with the product, age of the policy owner, their health, family history, and the amount of benefits provided in the policy. Generally, people ages 40 to 70 are the best candidates for insurance planning, however, there are options for those who are older depending on their health. Every product has its own underwriting criteria.

While LTC NEWS only provides information and resources, LTC NEWS can help find a Long-Term Care Insurance specialist to assist a consumer in finding the best coverage at the best value.

Use LTC NEWS Resources to Help You Plan

LTC NEWS can also be an outstanding resource if you are investigating the cost of care and information for an aging parent who is looking for care services.

Available resources, in addition to articles, include:

Become an Author at LTC NEWS

LTC News also offers individuals the opportunity to write articles about long-term care, aging, health, retirement planning, and other related topics. Authors can link their websites or other resource information in the article. If you are interested in writing an article or ongoing column you can contact LTC NEWS at

LTC News Can Be an Outstanding Marketing Opportunity for Your Business

LTC NEWS can be an outstanding marketing resource for many businesses who are wishing to reach adults age 40 to 75. LTC NEWS could be a great vehicle for many types of businesses including lawyers, financial advisors, home health care agencies, assisted living facilities, memory care facilities, nursing homes, consumer products, and more.

No matter if you are trying to reach a state-specific area or nationally, LTC NEWS is a very cost-effective way to reach the right consumer. Get advertising information here:   

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