LTC News Introduces Comprehensive National Long-Term Care Provider Directory

LTC NEWS has launched a National Long-Term Care Provider Directory, a valuable resource that will simplify the search for quality care services nationwide. This comprehensive directory provides detailed information and options, helping individuals and families make informed decisions about long-term care providers.

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LTC News Introduces Comprehensive National Long-Term Care Provider Directory
4 Min Read November 1st, 2023

LTC News (, the premier online destination for news and information on aging, caregiving, health, lifestyle, long-term care, and retirement planning, has announced the launch of an extensive online long-term care directory. This launch, happening during National Long-Term Care Awareness Month, is a game-changer in the long-term care industry.

This resource connects individuals and families with a myriad of quality long-term care providers across the country.

For older adults facing long-term care needs, the ability to choose high-quality care options is paramount, directly influencing their overall quality of life. As aging progresses, individuals may require assistance with daily activities or specialized care due to chronic conditions or cognitive decline. Having access to a variety of quality care choices ensures that a care recipient can select services and settings that align with their personal preferences, health requirements, and values. This empowerment in decision-making not only preserves their dignity but also enhances their sense of control and satisfaction with their care experience.

The significance of choice extends beyond the practical aspects of care, as it plays a crucial role in bolstering the emotional and psychological well-being of older adults. Matt McCann, President and CEO of LTC News, emphasizes the pressing demand for long-term care services and the subsequent need for reliable resources to find quality care options. 

"Being able to choose from diverse care options, ranging from in-home assistance, adult day care programs, assisted living facilities, to skilled nursing homes, allows someone to find settings that offer not just adequate care, but also social engagement, recreational activities, and a supportive community."

This holistic approach to long-term care fosters a sense of belonging and purpose, which is vital for maintaining a positive outlook and high life satisfaction in the golden years.

Upon its initial release, the directory boasts over 75,000 listings spanning a wide range of care options. Users can explore listings for:

  • Home Care Providers
  • Adult Day Care Centers
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Memory Care Facilities
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Nursing Homes
  • Group Homes
  • Hospice Care Organizations
  • Occupational Health Care Centers

 "With the LTC News caregiver directory, we bridge a significant gap, offering a comprehensive tool for families in search of the best care solutions."

The user-friendly directory permits searches filtered by care type, distance, and amenities. Unlike other platforms that might be restricted to specific care providers or require payment for access, LTC News provides a broad and inclusive tool for finding quality care options.

McCann says the staff at LTC News and its partners at Leadflask have been working for over two years on this project.

"LTC News has always strived to provide comprehensive information and resources to those seeking quality care solutions or help them plan for the consequences of aging. Now, providing search tools for those seeking care for themselves or a loved one fills a huge gap in the services we've been able to offer to website visitors."

Longevity Often Leads to Need for Long-Term Health Care

As the aging population grows, so does the need for assistance with daily living activities and specialized care for conditions such as dementia. The LTC News Care Directory serves as a crucial resource in these challenging times, aiding families in their search for caregiving support and facilities while also offering tools and resources to plan for the costs and challenges associated with aging.

The directory is accessible at Additional enhancements can be added to the listing for a modest fee. LTC News also offers marketing and advertising options as well.

McCann adds that the quality of life for our loved ones is usually the top concern of any concerns when a family member needs long-term health care.

"Securing access to quality care is vital for enhancing the quality of life for our aging population, whether it’s for your aging parents or for future personal needs. This directory is a significant step towards that goal."

Whether for your aging parents or yourself in the years ahead, McCann says that access to your choice of quality care is essential to a better quality of life.

It is About Choice

Long-Term Care Insurance policy can considerably broaden a loved one's access to premium care services. If your loved one has an LTC policy, that can be a huge benefit, not only for paying for care but accessing the quality of care.

When evaluating a potential care recipient, many home health agencies and long-term care facilities will typically inquire about LTC insurance coverage immediately.

It's vital to take advantage of your loved one's LTC policy benefits as soon as possible instead of saving them for later use. By doing so, you can significantly improve their quality of life and ensure they receive top-notch care services promptly.

LTC News has combined efforts with Amada Senior Care, a leading in-home health care agency with locations throughout the country, to help individuals with Long-Term Care Insurance process a claim from any LTC policy.

There is no cost or obligation for this service - Filing a Long-Term Care Insurance Claim. If they don't have an LTC policy, Amada can still help develop a plan of care and provide you with many affordable in-home care options - Find Quality In-Home Care.

Care Costs Increasing Nationwide – Comparing Cost of Care Helpful

The LTC News Cost of Care Calculator is also a great tool for finding the median cost of various long-term care services throughout the United States. Within each state, the calculator will show you the major metro areas within the state to find the cost of care near you or a loved one. You can use this for comparing the cost of care you are considering to the median cost or for planning when designing a Long-Term Care Insurance policy.

McCann says the caregiver directory will continue to be enhanced in the months ahead. 

LTC Awareness Month - A Time to Discuss Aging with Family 

Long-Term Care Awareness Month is a crucial reminder of the importance of planning for future long-term care needs. You may already have noticed older parents or other loved ones experiencing a decline in their health; they may already need help with routine living activities. Discussing their preferences and needs is essential, and the LTC News Care Directory can help.

It is also a time for the rest of us to consider our future needs. As we age, the likelihood of requiring assistance with daily activities increases, and being prepared can make a substantial difference in the quality of care received. 

"Proactive planning allows for a thoughtful selection of long-term care options, ensuring individuals have access to the desired level of care and support. It also provides peace of mind, knowing that the financial aspects of long-term care have been addressed, which helps to alleviate the potential burden on family members."

McCann says engaging in discussions and planning for long-term care encourages a proactive approach, fostering a secure and well-prepared future. LTC Insurance is often an affordable way to pay for future care without draining assets and burdening loved ones. 

Several insurance companies offer these products, and a Long-Term Care Insurance specialist can assist in providing advice and free and accurate quotes from all these companies. Most people obtain coverage in their 40s or 50s, but affordable options are available for those in their 60s and beyond, depending on their health.

About LTC News

Established in 2015, LTC News serves as a digital hub, offering a wealth of information, tools and resources tailored for individuals aged 45 and above, as well as their families, as they navigate the evolving challenges of aging in the 21st century.

Committed to empowering its audience, LTC News provides actionable insights and support across topics such as aging, caregiving, health, long-term care, and retirement planning, facilitating informed decisions for a better tomorrow.

LTC NEWS also offers an assortment of marketing and advertising options to a business/website reach their target audience. Our sponsored content articles are a highly effective way to drive traffic to your website, improve SEO, increase brand awareness, and build relationships with potential customers.

Learn more about how LTC NEWS can help market your business, drive traffic, and improve SEO - Advertise With Us | LTC News.

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LTC NEWS offers an assortment of marketing and advertising options to help you reach your target audience. Our sponsored content articles are a highly effective way to drive traffic to your website, increase brand awareness, and build relationships with potential customers.

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