Former NFL Star Mark Gastineau: I Have Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson's

Former NFL football star Mark Gastineau who made his name with the New York Jets, has been suffering from dementia and Parkinson's disease, which he believes resulted from his 10-year NFL career. Even for an NFL star, the consequences affect his family and finances.

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Former NFL Star Mark Gastineau: I Have Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson's
3 Min Read February 4th, 2017 Updated:March 12th, 2022

In January of 2017, former New York Jets player Mark Gastineau revealed that he was suffering from dementia, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's disease, which he believes resulted from his 10-year football career. Most people who suffer from these conditions are not former NFL players, but the impact on the person, their family, and their finances are tremendous.

Many consider Gastineau as one of the NFL's most recognizable stars during his playing days from 1979 to 1988. He was known for his entertaining dances after taking down quarterbacks as part of the New York Jet's defense. 

Since then, he has been in the news for his fight against cancer and revealing his childhood rape. In 2018 Gastineau appealed to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to assist him and other players who suffer from what they claim are football-related health concerns.  

In his battle with colon cancer, Gastineau completed his final radiation treatment in 2019.

Many People Suffer from Cognitive Decline

A 2008 study completed by researchers at the Duke University Medical Center, the University of Michigan, the University of Iowa, and the RAND Corporation indicated that more than one-third of those age 70 and older have some form of memory loss. 

While not all those people require supervision, as a person gets older and cognitive decline increases, the need for supervision is critical. 

Parkinson's Impacts Millions of American's 

An estimated seven to 10 million people worldwide live with Parkinson's disease. The incidence of Parkinson's increases with age, but an estimated four percent of people with Parkinson's were diagnosed before age 50. 

Men are one and a half times more likely to have Parkinson's than women. Parkinson's, like dementia, requires long-term health care services as their conditions worsen. 

Do You Have a Plan for the Impact of Longevity?

Advance planning for the financial costs and burdens of aging should be part of your retirement plan. Planning should occur when your health is still good, ideally in your 40s or 50s, when premiums are lower, and many people can enjoy good health discounts. 

A successful retirement includes affordable Long-Term Care Insurance. The policy will safeguard your retirement accounts like your 401(k), IRA, and other assets from the high costs of long-term health care. Plus, there is a tremendous burden placed on loved ones when your health declines due to an illness, accident, or the impact of longevity. Long-Term Care Insurance gives your family the time to be family and not be forced to become caregivers.

Research Tools for Long-Term Care Insurance

You can use the tools on LTC NEWS to assist you in your research.

Long-Term Care Insurance provides guaranteed benefits. Most policies offer inflation options that increase your benefits over time but not your premium. Another big plus is Long-Term Care Insurance can never be canceled unless you stop paying your premium.

Today's Long-Term Care Insurance is also rate stable. Most states now have rate stabilization rules, making it very difficult to raise premiums in the future. Some companies offer single pay or limited pay options as well, which eliminates the need to keep paying premiums.

It is highly suggested to use the assistance of a qualified Long-Term Care Insurance specialist who represents the major insurance companies. They should have substantial experience in policy design, underwriting, and claims. 

Be sure to ask the specialist if a Partnership Long-Term Care policy is best for you. These policies provide dollar-for-dollar asset protection. 

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Being prepared for declining health and the consequences of aging should be a crucial part of your overall retirement plan. People need long-term care services due to an illness, accident, or the impact of aging. Health insurance and Medicare (including supplements) will not pay for most of these costs.

Family caregivers find it hard to juggle their careers and family responsibilities with that of a caregiver for an older parent. The burden is something most people have said in surveys that they don't want to place on their family.

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You can find many tools and resources on LTC NEWS to assist you in your research for a planning solution or help your family find the appropriate care for a loved one at the time of crisis. 

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Seek Professional Guidance

Insurance rates are regulated, so no insurance agent, agency, or financial advisor can give you special deals. However, insurance companies' premiums vary over 100% for the same coverage.

Experts suggest using a qualified Long-Term Care Insurance specialist to help you navigate the many options available to you and your family.

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Finding Quality Care for Mom or Dad

Start by reading our guides -  

If they are lucky enough to own a Long-Term Care Insurance policy, be sure they use it. Sometimes families wait, thinking they can save the benefits for a rainy day. Waiting on using available Long-Term Care Insurance benefits is not a wise idea. 

Get Help in Filing a Long-Term Care Insurance Claim

Quality care obtained early will help provide a better quality of life and reduce the risk of a deep decline and facility care. If you need help in starting the process of a Long-Term Care Insurance claim, LTC NEWS can help.

LTC NEWS provides free assistance with no obligation to help you or a loved one complete the claims process with a Long-Term Care Insurance policy. We have teamed up with Amada Senior Care, who will do all the work, free with no obligation. 

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Benefits of Reverse Mortgages 

Today's reverse mortgages for those aged 62 and older could be an ideal resource to fund a Long-Term Care Insurance policy OR even provide money to pay for care if you, or a loved one, already needs help and assistance.  

Some people have much of their savings invested in their homes. With today's reverse mortgages, you can find ways to fund care solutions, care itself, even help with cash flow during your retirement. 

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