Female Weight Chart – What is Ideal Weight As You Get Older?

Both men and women should pay attention to their weight as they get older; however, women face hormonal changes making it more challenging. What is a women's ideal weight, and how do you get there? What things can you do now to help with your weight and life after age 40?

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Female Weight Chart – What is Ideal Weight As You Get Older?
5 Min Read March 20th, 2017 Updated:March 3rd, 2022

Do you know what your ideal weight should be? While this is an essential question for women, a man's metabolism slows down too, and they lose muscle. But men don't have the same hormonal changes that women undergo.

For a woman, they tend to notice weight gain around age 40-50. At age 50, a woman needs 200 fewer calories a day than at age 20, assuming equal activity. After age 60, women need 400-500 calories less. Moderately active women need around 2,000 calories a day up to age 50. After 50, an average woman will need about 1,800 calories.

Ideal Weight for Women?

Is their an ideal weight? Every woman should try to meet goals, although every person's body and lifestyle are different - Female Weight Chart: This Is How Much You Should Weigh According To Your Age, Body Shape and Height (qunki.com).

Here are some tips on maintaining the ideal weight - Maintaining a Healthy Weight | National Institute on Aging (nih.gov).

Can You Be Too Thin?

Women tend to want to lose weight and be thinner. Many men are now getting fixated on being slimmer. Some women are indeed naturally thinner than others. Being too thin is not good for your health at any age and can lead to serious chronic health problems.

As you get older, being too thin can make any other health issue that comes up even more dangerous. Being healthy is more important than being 'thin.'

Metabolism Slows with Aging

Once you get older, boosting metabolism is the goal to maintain your ideal weight. During menopause, the lack of estrogen leads to a shift of fat to the midsection. This abdominal fat increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes - Why is it so hard for women over 50 to lose weight? - Northwest Community Healthcare (nch.org) 

As you get to middle age, many women still start gaining weight, even though they do everything right. Your jeans feel tighter, but you're eating and exercising about as much as you have for years. What's up with that? You're not burning calories as efficiently as you were when you were younger. These five tips will help.

New Research Offers New Insight 

The latest research, published in the journal Science, changes everything we have thought about metabolism. The study says there are no real differences between the metabolic rates of men and women. 

Metabolism gradually slows by about 3 percent a year from age 1 to around age 20, where it remains steady till age 60. After age 60, metabolism slows by about 3% every year.

When you think about your weight, it still comes down to how many calories you take in and how many you are burning. Watching what you eat and remaining active remain the gold standard in keeping trim and fit.

Sex and Weight Loss

Despite what most men would tell women of any age, there's no way only having sex can make you lose weight - at any age - unless your lovemaking lasts hours and hours! 

Sex is good for your health and does burn calories, however. Sex, as part of an overall exercise routine, is beneficial to keep your body burning calories.

Weight Loss After 60

However, after age 60, it becomes much more difficult to lose weight. A slower metabolism after age 60 means that our organs are not functioning as well as they were when we were younger. Researches say this could be one of the reasons why chronic diseases often occur when we are older.

As our bodies age, we see declines in our health and the need for long-term health care increases. Older people also tend to be less active, and the lack of mobility increases our risks for health problems and the need for long-term health care services. 

Health and Body Declines with Aging

Women should pay close attention to long-term health care planning since it is a women's issue. Women are, by default, caregivers - spouses, daughters, or daughters-in-law. Then, women tend to live longer and thrive in a caregiving environment longer than men. 

Aging and concern for retirement planning can add to anyone's stress level. Too much stress can mean weight gain. Reducing stress in your life will help you maintain your weight.

A successful future retirement includes affordable Long-Term Care Insurance. It will safeguard your 401k, IRA, 403b, and other savings and ease the burdens otherwise placed on the family. 

Caregiving is physically and emotionally demanding. Paid care services are costly and get more expensive every year - Cost of Care Calculator - Choose Your State | LTC News.

Longevity Means We All Face Health Decline

Men tend to decline quicker than women, but longevity means we all face changes in health, body, and mind as we get older. We can do things today to enjoy better health, including maintaining an ideal weight. However, aging happens. Being prepared will benefit our family and finances in the decades ahead. 

Be Prepared for Life Over 40

When you reach age 40, you need to think about things that you probably didn't spend too much time thinking about when you were younger. Your weight and overall health are two vital areas to plan and act on.

Retirement planning is another area to consider. Will you retire early or later? How will you fund your retirement? Will you relocate? How will you fund long-term health care?



Don't forget the costs and burdens of aging. This LTC NEWS guide is a good overview: The Ultimate Long-Term Care Insurance Guide | LTC News


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Even if we maintain the ideal weight, aging still happens. Prepare your family and finances for the costs and burdens that come with longevity. 

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