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40% of COVID-19 Deaths are Nursing Home Residents

No matter where long-term care is delivered it is close and personal. There is no ‘social distancing’ when providing care. COVID-19 is presenting challenges in how care is delivered. Having choice of quality care in the future even more important than ever.

4 Min Read
Nursing Homes to Get Rapid COVID-19 Tests

Every nursing home in the U.S. will get COVID-19 testing immediately in an announcement made by the Trump Administration. Being called a historical moment that will save lives, will quickly identify residents who need isolation.

3 Min Read
Spiritual Well-Being in Long-Term Care

If you have a loved one that is in a long-term care facility, addressing their spiritual needs may be very important for them, as well as for you. Many facilities have spiritual/religious services available.

3 Min Read
Identifying Bullying Among Seniors

You usually don’t think of bullies as being seniors. However, with the aging population, understanding this issue, especially in long-term care facilities, is important for the well-being of loved ones.

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