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The Good Daughter that You Hate

Many American families are in crisis when a parent, due to declining health or age, need long-term health care. The consequences are more than financial. One child must step up, and they wonder why this burden was placed on them

9 Min Read
Double Check Before Filing 2020 Tax

You have heard the saying the only two constant things in life are death and taxes. Tax time is here, and while you have until May 17, 2021, to file 2020 tax returns, don't wait too long to start putting it together.

6 Min Read
Caregiving Often Not a Choice

The implications of being a family caregiver can impact multiple generations. Too often we ignore the financial costs and burdens of aging when planning for retirement. Longevity requires an advance plan for both family and finances.

5 Min Read
Family Caregivers Can Face Decades of Work

A recent study in Canada shows the pressure that family caregivers face and the amount of time their role will last. Preparing for the future costs and burdens of aging will reduce the stress and safeguard income and savings.

6 Min Read
Caregivers Facing Mental Health Issues

Family caregivers face tremendous stress and anxiety when forced into the role of being a caregiver. You can avoid placing this burden on those you love by putting a Long-Term Care policy in place before you retire.

4 Min Read
Remembering Gene Wilder’s and Alzheimer’s

Gene Wilder, star of Willy Wonka and other major movies, passed-away at age 83 in 2016 after suffering with Alzheimer’s. Many American families deal with the stress and burden of caring for a loved one with dementia.

5 Min Read
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