Katybeth Dee

Co-creater of selfexam.org, offering support to those battling cancer by spreading awareness and prevention.

Contributor Since: 04-25-2020

More About Katybeth Dee

Katybeth Dee was inspired to co-create Self Exam after her sister was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 23. Luckily it was caught in time, and her sister received the proper treatment. Through her site, she strives to offer support to those battling cancer by spreading awareness on preventing the illness as well as lending support to those currently facing their own medical battles.

Latest Articles

Ways Caregivers Can Think Long-Term

If you find yourself as a caregiver for a family member better think about the obstacles you and your loved one will face. Thinking ahead will ease the stress and burden even if you have limited choices.

Using Technology to Improve Senior Health

Before you know it, you get older. If you have a loved one who is 65+ or you are looking to plan for your future aging, there are several items to consider from insurance to technology.

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