Caregiver Loneliness Makes Dementia Care Harder

When you’re caring for an older adult with dementia, it’s common to experience caregiver loneliness. Unless you have gone through the experience of being a family caregiver most people will not understand. You may feel unappreciated from other family members who are not being the primary caregiver. The problem is a lack of an advance plan for long-term care creates a family crisis. This crisis is not just a financial one. It impacts a family emotionally, physically and financially.

Dr. Barry J. Jacobs writes about caregiver loneliness in dementia care shares these tips for caregivers – read on –

This is why it is so important to plan for a successful future retirement. This plan should include affordable Long Term Care Insurance. LTC insurance will provide money for quality caregivers and case management which will help come up with a plan of care. This reduces the pressure and burdens placed on family members. Act before you retire and add peace-of-mind to your plan.

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