Ways to Show Caregivers Appreciation Now

Caregivers work hard taking care of you or your family member. Family members do it out of love and responsibility, but paid caregivers often lack the recognition they deserve. In either case, being a caregiver is demanding and saying thank you can be a nice idea.

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Ways to Show Caregivers Appreciation Now
5 Min Read March 3rd, 2021

It is common for older people to need long-term care services, often in their homes. While adult children find themselves in this role, paid caregivers must come in at some point since the job is physically and emotionally demanding. 

People require long-term health care services for many reasons due to changes in their health, bodies, and mind. Sometimes the care is minimal, but often the care recipient needs help with daily activities like going to the bathroom, bathing, eating, dressing, and other items most of us take for granted. 

Yes, these caregivers are being paid either from income and assets, Long-Term Care Insurance, or some limited situations by health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. Is someone thanking them for their efforts? There are several ways to show appreciation. 

Expression of Gratitude

It is a common experience for those with high care needs to feel guilty about the work they require from their caregiver. Instead of holding onto that negativity, turn it into positive action and express gratitude to the person caring for you or your family member. Here are a few of the best ideas for how to show appreciation for your caregiver.

Do Your Part

The caregiver is with you or your loved one through the highs and lows. Regardless of the illness or ailment, there are times when the care recipient can be of service to the caregiver. Though everyone will have their bad days and hours of need, there are ways to make the caregiver's job as easy as possible.

Encourage your family member to be cooperative. The role of a caregiver is hard enough without having to deal with an uncooperative person. The caregiver is there to help, but the care recipient has to try as best as possible to accept the help being offered.

Family members should also see if there are ways to assist. Even words of encouragement to both the caregiver and the care recipient are always beneficial. 

Encourage Self-Care

Many caregivers need to take the time for self-care but neglect to do it. This is true of both family caregivers and paid caregivers. They may feel like it's irresponsible to leave the person's side or not be available to provide the needed services. 

Instead of merely reassuring them that they do a good job, please encourage them to take time for themselves and make opportunities for them to rest. Your gentle push can do wonders, so help your caregiver find ways to take a break.

Focus on Emotions

No one can help having a bad day or the foggy brain you get from intense pain. However, you or your loved one who is receiving care can still focus on their emotions and how they interact with the caregiver. 

Avoid blaming the caregiver for small issues or problems and try not to shift negativity onto them. The care recipient should also be encouraged to let them know they have a rough day and ask for some space or extra grace that day. 

Simple Things That Help a Caregiver's Morale

Often the simple things can have the most positive impact when you want to show appreciation. Here are a few things which you could consider:

Time Off

It does not matter if a person is being compensated to provide long-term care services; the job is demanding and causes much anxiety. Extra paid time off, especially when it is unexpected, can create a lot of goodwill.

However, you must make sure someone is available to provide the necessary care services that the caregiver would have done. 

Care for the Caregiver

The family can arrange for a massage therapist to come in for a short chair massage. Done in the care recipient's home, the caregiver is still there as they get a short break from the stress of providing services. 

If the care recipient's needs are such that it is not appropriate, the family can purchase a gift certificate for a massage or spa day.

Cards and Notes

Thank you cards or notes are always welcome, especially when they are unexpected. The cards or notes can come from the care recipient if they can or the family, or both. 

A gift basket is another way to show appreciation. After a while, you will know something about the likes - and dislikes of the person who is providing care. A gift basket of some of their favorites fruits or treats mixed with candles, lotions, and other personal items should put a smile on their face.

Sharing Emotions 

Communication is critical when sharing emotions with the caregiver.

Once you know how to show appreciation for your caregiver, you can get out there and bring some positive energy into the relationship. Instead of letting routine patterns set in, try your best to show the caregiver the gratitude they so deeply deserve.

If the caregiver is an unpaid family member, the rest of the family needs to step in and provide support for their efforts. In some situations, a family member may be providing part-time care in addition to paid services. Do not forget their contribution to the caregiving team. 

Respite Care for Family Caregiver

If the care recipient has Long-Term Care Insurance, most policies offer respite care for these informal, unpaid family caregivers. With respite care, the insurance company will pay for another paid caregiver to give the informal family caregiver a break. Be sure to use this benefit when available to reduce the burden on the family member who is helping out.

As we get older, there is a good chance we will need long-term health care ourselves. Preparing your family and finances for the costs and burdens of aging is an essential part of retirement planning.

For many American families, affordable Long-Term Care Insurance is a perfect solution. The policy will provide guaranteed tax-free benefits that will pay for your choice of quality care either at home or in a facility. You will safeguard your savings and reduce the stress on those you love. Be sure to start planning before you retire. 

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Even if you have a policy that pays for your future care, still be sure to be thankful to the individual providing your care. 

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