Significant Drop in Cost for Linked Long-Term Care/Life Policies in 2024

Various insurance products are available to address the escalating expenses of long-term care services. Being well-prepared in advance ensures access to quality care and asset protection, alleviating the financial and emotional burdens that often fall on families.

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Significant Drop in Cost for Linked Long-Term Care/Life Policies in 2024
3 Min Read January 13th, 2024

The search for long-term care solutions is on the rise as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services notes a 50/50 chance of needing such care after reaching age 65 in the United States. The insurance industry has introduced various products to address this growing need to mitigate the financial challenges and family burdens associated with future long-term care services.

Among these insurance options, hybrid options that combine long-term care and life insurance, and in some cases, annuities, have gained popularity. While these insurance policies have historically been pricier than traditional Long-Term Care Insurance, the cost landscape is changing. 

Recent research from the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (AALTCI) reveals that the costs for hybrid LTC Insurance policies meeting federal guidelines under Section 7702(b) are lower this year compared to the previous year.

Lower Premium Costs

The 2024 Long-Term Care Insurance Price Index illustrates the influence of interest rates on these hybrid products, indicating a significant reduction in their cost.

Jesse Slome, director of the AALTCI, explains that many consumers have many misconceptions about Long-Term Care Insurance and the costs and benefits of such policies.

First, prices for traditional Long-Term Care Insurance can vary significantly depending on which insurance company you select.

Slome explains that you generally only buy this protection once, so selecting the right insurer is crucial.

Interest rates are significantly higher than a year ago and that has enabled some insurers to reprice their products. Someone applying for new coverage in 2024 can obtain more coverage for less cost than basically the identical coverage purchased a year ago.

Based on the 2024 Price Index, a 55-year-old male looking to secure coverage with potential long-term care benefits of approximately $520,000 at age 90 can anticipate annual premiums of $5,022. This data marks a notable decrease from the $5,600 annual cost reported in the AALTCI's 2023 LTC Price Index.

According to Slome's analysis, women experienced more significant savings, and those who opted for a single lump-sum payment would see even more substantial cost reductions with this year's hybrid cost structure.

Diverse Long-Term Care Options Require Guidance from Specialists

There are more insurers offering various types of linked benefit products that combine life insurance with the potential for long-term care benefits. There are significant differences between many of these products and going on price alone or just a single recommendation from your financial representative isn't always the best course of action.

Most experts suggest speaking with an independent Long-Term Care Insurance specialist to help you navigate all the policy types, features, regulations, underwriting, and costs. 

LTC Insurance specialists will typically work with the top-rated insurance companies that offer traditional, hybrid, and short-term cash indemnity policies to match your age and health with the best options to provide accurate quotes from all the top insurance companies. 

Traditional LTC Still King - But Hybrid Plans Require Second Look

While most consumers choose traditional Long-Term Care Insurance policies, many consumers are now looking at hybrid policies. However, hybrid policies are not partnership-certified. However, with the combination of death benefits and long-term care, there are other affordable options to consider. 

It's typically best to consider incorporating long-term care coverage into your retirement strategy in your 40s or 50s. However, even in your 60s and later, you may still discover cost-effective options, depending on your health.

Premiums vary dramatically between insurance companies, and policies are custom-designed. 

Long-Term Care Impacts More Than Just Finances

Long-term care planning extends beyond financial considerations; it's a family issue demanding proactive solutions. Without a well-thought-out plan in place that includes some Long-Term Care Insurance, the burden often falls on adult children, who must step into the role of caregivers or oversee professional caregivers. This transition can be emotionally and logistically challenging, often requiring them to navigate complex caregiving options, manage finances, and ensure their loved ones receive the quality care they need in the setting they desire. Adult children may not make the same care or funding decisions as you would.

It's a responsibility that strains relationships and adds unexpected stress to an already demanding situation. By addressing long-term care needs proactively and comprehensively, families can better safeguard their loved ones' well-being, preserve family harmony, and provide the best possible care in a challenging time of life. Planning ahead not only protects financial security but also eases the emotional and logistical burdens that come with caring for aging family members.

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Editor's Note

Planning for a secure retirement means considering every aspect of your financial future. Overlooking the rising costs of long-term care can have devastating consequences. 

Expenses for in-home care, assisted living, and nursing care can quickly deplete your savings, leaving your family facing tough decisions and emotional strain. Long-Term Care Insurance is a critical safety net, shielding your finances from this financial burden.

But it's not just about money. LTC Insurance also ensures access to high-quality care without relying on your loved ones. Imagine your children, already balancing their careers and families, becoming unpaid caregivers, sacrificing their well-being to care for you. 

An LTC policy allows you to receive professional care that aligns with your preferences, lifting this emotional and logistical burden from your family. Including LTC Insurance in your retirement plan guarantees peace of mind, ensuring your golden years are filled with comfort and dignity, not financial pressure and emotional stress.

Let a Pro Guide You to Affordable LTC Insurance Coverage

Navigating the complexities of Long-Term Care Insurance can feel like walking a tightrope without a net. But there's a better way! Consult a qualified LTC Insurance specialist who help you design an affordable plan and provide accurate quotes from all the top-rated insurance companies

  • Expert Guidance: Say goodbye to information overload. A specialist deciphers the jargon, explains policy nuances, and tailors options to your specific needs and budget.
  • Understanding Underwriting Rules: An LTC Insurance specialist will know the underwriting rules for each top insurance company and will match your health with the company that is most likely to approve your application for coverage.
  • Policy Design: Forget one-size-fits-all! A specialist champions your needs so you don't purchase more coverage than you need.
  • Find a Qualified LTC Insurance Specialist

Don't go it alone in this crucial decision. Partner with a qualified LTC Insurance specialist and have a plan to safeguard your future income and assets from the rising cost of future long-term care services.

Finding Quality Caregivers and LTC Facilities

Resources like the LTC NEWS Caregiver Directory offer invaluable assistance for those seeking caregivers or long-term care facilities. The directory is a comprehensive national database with an expansive range of long-term care services, simplifying finding qualified caregivers or appropriate care facilities.

For those with an LTC policy, LTC NEWS can help process claims from any Long-Term Care Insurance policy. LTC NEWS, in partnership with Amada Senior Care, a nationally recognized in-home health care agency, ensures that you and your loved ones receive the quality care you deserve. 

This service, dedicated to Filing a Long-Term Care Insurance Claim, comes at no additional cost or obligation. 

These four LTC NEWS guides will assist you in trying to find appropriate long-term health care services for a loved one:

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