Caregivers are Key to Managing Loved One with Dementia

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Published: Apr 24th, 2019
Caregivers are Key to Managing Loved One with Dementia

With Americans aging in mass, many adult children will face a parent who either requires long-term care services and supports or will need to be supervised due to cognitive decline. The Alzheimer’s Association releases a report annually on “Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures.” Not surprisingly, half of all the caregivers who provide care services to older people and dealing with a person who suffers from Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia. Most caregivers are overwhelmed. Many face problems with their own careers, and families. It becomes an increasing burden on loved ones.

One of the most central facets of being a caregiver for someone with cognitive loss is understanding what the disease actually is and how it impacts the individual you are caring for. Often is the person’s behavior which becomes a big concern. This can be anger, violence and severe depression. It is hard for professional caregivers to address these needs much less an untrained family member who has an emotional connection to the individual.

Read more about this from this story from NPR.

These challenges and the costs associated with them have a big impact on family, savings, and lifestyle. This is why planning for long-term health care has become a key part of the retirement plan. The costs of long-term care services and supports are very expensive and drain even big retirement accounts. Family caregivers face stress and burden. These challenges can be easily managed with advance planning which includes affordable Long-Term Care Insurance.

You might think these policies are expensive and difficult to understand. The fact is, for most people, Long-Term Care Insurance is very affordable. Policies can be much easier to understand when you speak with a qualified Long-Term Care Insurance specialist. While not many specialists exist, the right professional can find affordable coverage and give you and your family peace-of-mind.

The time to plan is before retirement when you enjoy better health and have the most affordable options. Many states offer special partnership plans which leverage you with additional asset protection. Several types of policies are available as well. Start the process by going to the LTC NEWS MAP and finding your state’s current cost of care services so you know how expensive long-term health care can be. You will see how this can be a huge financial disaster when you or a spouse/partners need extended care due to illness, accident, or the impact of just getting older. Click here for the map and find your state.

Generally, your financial planner or local general insurance agent will only have limited knowledge and access to products. Find a qualified Long-Term Care Insurance specialist by clicking here.

Make the aging process easier on those who love, with affordable Long-Term Care Insurance. This way, family has time to be family.

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