Professional Baseball Players Spend Season Living in Senior Community

Most people think of professional baseball players as multimillionaires. However, most pros are minor leaguers, making very little in the hopes of making it to the big time. These minor leaguers are spending the season living in senior living.

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Professional Baseball Players Spend Season Living in Senior Community
3 Min Read August 8th, 2022

Well, I beat the drum and hold the phone

The sun came out today

We're born again, there's new grass on the field 

That's right; you know the song.

Oh, put me in coach, I'm ready to play today

Put me in coach, I'm ready to play today

Look at me, I can be centerfield

John Fogerty’s hit "Centerfield" reminds us of the joys of baseball every summer. No matter where you live, baseball games are played. We probably are more aware of the games being played in the major leagues. Even casual fans will know when the Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs, Dodgers, and all the rest are playing and the winners and losers.

In addition to the guys playing in the majors, many more are in the minor leagues playing for peanuts dreaming they may someday go to "the show" in the MLB.

Life in the Minor Leagues

The Frontier League has 16 teams playing minor league baseball in cities like Evansville, Indiana, Florence, Kentucky, Montclair, NJ, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and many more. 

One of those cities is Schaumburg, IL, a Chicago suburb and home to the Schaumburg Boomers. For many years Frontier League teams found host families who allowed the players to live in their homes during the season. However, the Boomers found a unique solution for some of their players.

The Boomers made arrangements with Friendship Village, an assisted living facility in Schaumberg. It provides independent and assisted living for seniors. Friendship Village is hosting three members of the Boomers this season, something they have been doing for ten years.

Matt Zahn reporting on the story.

The 2022 Boomers players staying this season at Friendship Village are Chase Dawson from Chesterton, Indiana, Braxton Davidson from Ashville, North Carolina, Blake Grant-Parks from Yuba City, CA, and Kyle Arjona from Cape Coral, Florida.

Life at Senior Living

Chase Dawson plays second base for the team. Dawson told Chicago TV station WBBM-TV that while the idea may seem crazy, he has a lot of fun at Friendship Village.

Chase Dawson

It's like a college campus; it's beautiful. They do a really good job here.

Chase Dawson

Dawson tells friends they wouldn’t believe how fun living there is. He says it is not what they think.

Boomer catcher Blake Grant-Parks told WBBM-TV that his friends are surprised when he tells them where he is living. He says they ask if he is playing bingo with the residents. 


Blake Grant-Parks

It's quiet and peaceful. I like it; the residents are friendly.

Blake Grant-Parks

Friendship Village has welcomed its visitors and hometown baseball team through several events, including a meet and greet at the retirement community. 

Residents Benefit Too

But residents get to enjoy the game. Approximately 100 residents, family members, and staff recently attended Friendship Night at Boomers Stadium. The event featured residents throwing out the first pitch and competing in a home run derby, filling in as announcers, and serving as the honorary manager of the day.

A picture of a baseball game.

"This is a great community partnership for Friendship Village and Schaumburg Boomers. Both teams win," said Amanda De La Matta, lifestyles activity manager.

When asked what residents tend to say to him the most, Chase Dawson says that many residents tell him they would give up every dollar they have to be his age again.

Assisted Living Becoming a Popular Choice of Long-Term Care

Many assisted living facilities include a section for independent living as well. These communities are designed for older adults, especially those who start needing help with daily living activities. Cultural, educational, and social programs and events, dining options, and health and wellness programs are offered. For those who need additional health assistance, it is available 24/7, including help with daily living activities.

While most of these facilities don't come with professional baseball players, it seems both the players and the residents are enjoying the arrangement. 

More people are aware of assisted living and other long-term health care options because of the increasing numbers of older adults in the United States and worldwide. As we age, we experience changes in our health, bodies, and minds. Sometimes, because of declining health, mobility issues, or even dementia, we require help with routine activities like bathing, dressing, and going to the bathroom. 

Assisted living may be an option if you have an older loved one who may need long-term health care or are looking to downsize from a big home to a community setting with residents in their age group. This LTC NEWS guide is an excellent first start - Assisted Living and Memory Care Facilities.

LTC Insurance Will Pay for Assisted Living and Other Care Services

The costs can vary, and if someone has a Long-Term Care Insurance policy, most plans will pay benefits toward assisted living and other long-term health care services. These costs are not paid for by health insurance or Medicare (including supplements). Without LTC Insurance, the cost would be paid by the resident. 

Countless people will start planning for future long-term health care as part of retirement planning. Long-Term Care Insurance can be an affordable way to safeguard income and assets, access choice of quality care, and ease the stress and burdens otherwise placed on family members. LTC NEWS offers many resources to help in your research - Resources for Long-Term Care Planning | LTC News.

Most individuals obtain coverage in their 50s. Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy some baseball. Batter up.

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When you think about aging and long-term care, don't think that means a nursing home. Most Long-Term Care Insurance claims pay for in-home care, and most care is provided at home, in adult day care, or assisted living.

The chance you will need long-term health care services is fairly high, and about a 50/50 chance once you reach age 65. As you age, the likelihood of needing help with everyday living activities or supervision due to dementia increases. 

Long-term health care is not cheap. Costs are rising rapidly nationwide each year and adversely affect your income, assets, lifestyle, and legacy. But long-term care is not only a financial problem. The consequences of long-term care affect your loved ones as well.

Without planning, adult children often become caregivers. While they attempt to balance the role of caregivers with their careers and families, it is very challenging and emotionally draining.

The easy and affordable solution for many families is Long-Term Care Insurance. There are many available options, and policies are custom designed so they can fit your needs and budget - How Much Does Long-Term Care Insurance Cost?

Because you need reasonably good health to obtain coverage, it is best to start early. Most people get their plan in their 50s before they retire. Be sure to seek the assistance of a qualified Long-Term Care Insurance specialist to help you find the right coverage at the lowest cost.

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Experts recommend seeking the help of a qualified and experienced Long-Term Care Insurance specialist to help you find the right coverage. A specialist will match your age, health, and family history with the right coverage at the right price. 

Loved Ones Need Help Now?

Get help finding quality caregivers or long-term care facilities and get recommendations for a proper care plan, whether a person has a policy. - Filing a Long-Term Care Insurance Claim | LTC News

If your loved one is lucky enough to own a Long-Term Care Insurance policy, be sure they use it. Sometimes families wait, thinking they can save the benefits for a rainy day. Waiting on using available Long-Term Care Insurance benefits is not a wise idea. 

Advantages of Reverse Mortgages 

Today's reverse mortgages for those aged 62 and older could be an ideal resource to fund a Long-Term Care Insurance policy OR even provide money to pay for care if you, or a loved one, already needs help and assistance. You might be eligible at younger ages as well. 

Some people have much of their savings invested in their homes. With today's reverse mortgages, you can find ways to fund care solutions, care itself, and even help with cash flow during your retirement. 

Learn more by asking questions to an expert. Mike Banner, LTC NEWS columnist and host of the TV Show "62 Who Knew" will answer your questions regarding caregiving, aging, health, retirement planning, long-term care, and reverse mortgages. 

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