Parent Needs Long-Term Care Now - What Next?

Families are ill prepared when Mom or Dad needs long-term health care. Four major questions should be asked. Meanwhile, what have you done to prevent a crisis when you need care decades from now?

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Parent Needs Long-Term Care Now - What Next?
3 Min Read May 25th, 2021

If you have gone through this with a parent already, you know the pressures and anxiety of organizing the things that need to be done to make sure your loved one gets the appropriate care they need.

There are several types of paid long-term care services available (learn about the ones available in your state by clicking here). Many times, family members become default caregivers. 

If your parent owned a Long-Term Care Insurance policy, the job of finding - and paying for care was probably much easier; however, often, the family goes into crisis since no planning was done in advance. You quickly find out you are on your own as health insurance and Medicare provide very little. Doctors offer little help as well.

Four Questions to Ask When a Loved Ones Needs Care

Aaron Blight, Ed.D., is an international speaker and consultant on caregiving, aging, and health care. As Founder of Caregiving Kinetics, he produced a video on caregiving that offers several helpful recommendations.

Dr. Blight's first suggestion is to determine exactly what type of long-term health care services your loved one requires. Every person has different needs, from basic custodial care (help with daily living activities) to supervision due to cognitive decline, to skilled and semi-skilled medical services. 

Aaron Blight, Ed.D

"A person who has ALS, their needs may well be very different than a person who just had a hip replacement. A person who had a hip replacement might be very different than someone who has moderate Alzheimer's disease," Blight said.

The second question Blight says needs to be answered is where this care will be provided. The care services might be provided in the person's home or a family member.

Watch Dr. Blight discuss the four questions by clicking here.

Unpaid Family Caregivers Make Up Majority of Caregiving 

Unpaid family members make up a majority of caregivers. However, family members are often thrust into the role of being a caregiver even if they are untrained and unprepared for such duties. Spouses are usually older and are not suited for being caregivers because of the physical and emotional demands. Adult children generally are still working and have their own families to consider. 

Medicaid, the medical welfare program, provides long-term care services in some situations for low-income - low-asset families. Otherwise, unless a person owns a Long-Term Care Insurance policy, paid care will be funded through savings or family members become caregivers - of both.

If a loved one is already in crisis, there is little you can do for planning. Finding the right care is essential. Some people who have Long-Term Care Insurance policies delay processing the claim to 'save the benefits for a rainy day".

Choice of Quality Care and Asset Protection

Getting quality care and using Long-Term Care Insurance benefits right away are two keys many experts suggest you do right away in a crisis. 

LTC NEWS offers free Long-Term Care Insurance claims processing, along with care coordination services. There is no cost or obligation. Working with the nation's leading home health care agencies, Amada Senior Care, your family will get free no-obligation help and assistance to make the process easy. 

If your loved one does not own a policy, they still can assist in designing a plan for care and finding appropriate care providers where you live. Learn more by clicking here.

What have you done to plan for future changes in your health, body, and mind? Once you get into your 40s will notice these changes. As you get older, the changes become more pronounced. Planning before retirement will reduce dependency on your family and will safeguard assets. Plus, you will have access to your choice of quality care, including in-home care, giving your family the time to be family and not caregivers.

Find an experienced Long-Term Care Insurance specialist to help you shop for the right coverage without overspending. LTC Insurance premiums can vary over 100% for the same coverage. Be sure the specialist works with the major companies and understands underwriting, policy design, and claims. 

Find a trusted specialist by clicking here.

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An LTC policy keeps you in control and helps avoid becoming dependent on your children decades from now. You will have access to guaranteed tax-free benefits that will pay for your choice of quality care, either in-home or in a facility. 

You can safeguard your 401K, IRA, and other assets and maintain your lifestyle once you retire. However, Long-Term Care Insurance is medically underwritten, so you must have reasonably good health to obtain coverage. Plus, premiums are calculated on your age, health, family history, and other factors.

LTC NEWS Research Services

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One of the best tools is the LTC NEWS Cost of Care Calculator. You can find the current and future costs of long-term health care where you live. This information will help you design an appropriate LTC Insurance policy.

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LTC NEWS can arrange for free Long-Term Care Insurance claims processing and care coordination. No cost or obligation. If you have a loved one who has a policy and needs care - don't delay. Use the benefits. 

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