New Team in Place at LTC NEWS

LTC NEWS has named several individuals in key roles enhancing the ability to provide news and resources that focus on aging, caregiving, health, long-term care, and retirement.

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New Team in Place at LTC NEWS
4 Min Read August 14th, 2020

LTC NEWS, LLC, operators of website, has named several appointments for key staff positions as it takes on the challenges of providing news and content for readers and marketing and advertising services for advertisers.

LTC NEWS initially formed in July 2015, is an online resource for long-term care planning, aging, caregiving, health, and retirement issues to help consumers plan for and better understand aging's family and financial impact. LTC NEWS, LLC, took over the assets of the website in June 2020.

LTC NEWS, LLC, is expanding its editorial content and resources. The site is now offering a full range of unique digital advertising and marketing opportunities to reach adults aged 40 and up. It will also provide creative support to design advertising to help businesses effectively reach their target audience.

The company will also offer sponsored-content opportunities to allow a company, health care provider, or insurance or financial professional to engage readers and drive traffic to their website while delivering on their marketing objectives.


The President and Chief Executive Officer of LTC NEWS, LLC, is Matt McCann. As the publisher of LTC NEWS, he will oversee both the website's editorial and sales operations, relying on key executives to handle the company's day-by-day operation.

McCann is a nationally known specialist in Long-Term Care Insurance and planning. For over 20 years, he has helped thousands of clients plan for aging's financial costs and burdens. He operates McCann Insurance Services, Inc. and is licensed in every state and the District of Columbia.

He is also a speaker on long-term care issues and is sought after by media to discuss long-term care, aging, health, and retirement planning. McCann's early career was in radio, where he was a program director and air-talent at radio stations in various markets around the country including San Antonio and Chicago.

A graduate of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale with post-graduate work at Benedictine University, McCann looks forward to the challenges that will come ahead. The goal is to help consumers research long-term care solutions to address the financial costs and burdens of aging and assist families who are currently in a crisis trying to find care for a loved one. 

Mary Jo "MJ" Boudinot

Taking the role of National Sales Director is of Mary Jo "MJ" Boudinot. She will lead a team of sales executives offering advertising and marketing opportunities nationwide and in Canada. 

MJ BoudinotBoudinot has helped connect brands and organizations with digital audiences for over 20 years. Before joining LTC NEWS, she spent three years as the Sales Director for NGL Collective, a leading independent Hispanic media, and entertainment company. 

She also held executive sales roles with VIX Inc. for five years, Terra Networks for five years, Ziff Davis Publishing, and was a partner with insurance marketing firm Neilson Marketing Services. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in English at Fredonia University.

Senior Developer and Project Manager is Danial Pope. Leading the website development and creative team, Pope will provide an exceptional user experience for both readers and advertisers. 

Nicolas DeFrank fills the role of Director of Payroll and Accounting. His experience and two Master's Degrees offers a wealth of knowledge to oversee the company's finances and accounting.

Leigh Geramanis-Arnold

Leigh Geramanis Arnold

Leigh Geramanis-Arnold has been named as Chief Washington Correspondent. She is an award-winning medical reporter, TV news producer, and communications consultant. 

Arnold honed her craft reporting medical news in the shadows of the Mayo Clinic at KTTC-TV, Rochester, Minnesota, where she interviewed countless physicians and researchers on cutting-edge medicine.

She also served as Senior Communications Consultant for the research firm Frank N. Magid Associates. She also worked for several TV news stations in the Midwest as News Director and Assignments Editor.

Arnold has substantial knowledge in health care, as she worked in corporate communications for Trinity Regional Health System, based in Rock Island, Illinois (now Unity Point). Arnold is a graduate of Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. 

"I am very excited with the team so far at LTC NEWS. We will continue to offer information, tools, and resources for our readers and advertisers. We know America is getting older. With longevity comes many challenges for our future retirements and the health issues and long-term care that comes with aging. There are many long-term care solutions available for consumers and many types of long-term care services available for those families who have a loved one who requires care. We will serve both and provide a valuable service to American families," McCann said.

If you have ideas for articles or press releases contact the newsroom at

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