FHCA Announces 2024 Executive Nurse Leadership Academy Participants

The Florida Health Care Association (FHCA) has revealed participants for its 2024 Executive Nurse Leadership Academy, showcasing a group of nursing professionals poised for leadership roles in long-term care. The FHCA is committed to enhancing the quality of care in Florida's long-term care centers.

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FHCA Announces 2024 Executive Nurse Leadership Academy Participants
4 Min Read October 27th, 2023

The Florida Health Care Association (FHCA) has revealed the participants of the 2024 Executive Nurse Leadership Academy, a program uniquely tailored for emerging nursing leaders in the field of long-term care. The curriculum spans three days of intensive training, supplemented by a series of educational webinars and programs, targeting Directors of Nursing (DON), Assistant Directors of Nursing (ADON), and other clinical leaders from long-term care centers across Florida.

Long-term care is a major factor in Florida's economy and the quality of life of Florida residents as it is a popular retirement destination with a large and growing older adult population. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Florida has the fourth-oldest population in the country, with a median age of 42.8 years. In 2021, an estimated 5.2 million people aged 65 and over lived in Florida, which accounted for 20.8% of the state's population.

The aging of Florida's population has led to an increasing demand for long-term care services in people's homes and in long-term care facilities statewide.

The 2024 Executive Nurse Leadership Academy includes the following professionals: 

  • Amy Santapau, Regional MDS at Bedrock Care
  • Anita Bryant, DON at Balanced Healthcare, St. Petersburg
  • Betty Barron, DON at Aston Health, Lutz
  • Carol Rodriguez, ADON at Manatee Springs Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, Bradenton
  • Christal Verduzco, DON at Aston Health, Deland
  • Christian Cooper, DON at Avante Group, Inc., Orlando
  • Christie Witty, Regional Nurse Consultant at Lilac Health Group, Maitland
  • Dawn Moran, DON at Life Care Center of Sarasota, Sarasota
  • Donna Gunther, RN, RAC-CT, MDS Manager at Brooks Rehabilitation University Crossing, Jacksonville
  • Enrique Cateriano, DON at Riviera Health Resort, Coral Gables
  • Erin Heathcote, DON at Gandy Post Acute and Rehabilitation Center, Tampa
  • Irma Garduno, DON at Vivo Healthcare of Wauchula, Wauchula
  • Jacqueline Forshee, Regional Nurse Consultant at Aston Health Consulting Services, Tampa
  • Jessica Burnett, DON at Orange Park Rehabilitation and Nursing, Orange Park
  • Kelly Ratanasurakan, Vice President of Clinical Services at Aston Health, Tampa
  • Kristi Beasley, DON at Isles of Boynton Beach Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Boynton Beach
  • Lynn Anderson, Director of Risk Management at RB Health Partners, Inc., Crystal Beach
  • Lysha Tramel, ADON at Ayers Health and Rehabilitation Center, Trenton
  • Maria Carmona, Unit Manager at Winter Haven Nursing and Rehabilitation 
  • Marrissa Antoszyk, Regional Director of Clinical Operations at AbleHearts Consulting Services, LLC, Tampa
  • Mary Bottcher, Vice President of Risk and Regulatory at Aston Health, Tampa
  • Michele Mazzo, DON at Life Care Center of Punta Gorda, Punta Gorda
  • Mildred Smith, DON at Vivo Healthcare of Sebring, Sebring
  • Nichole Tipton, ADON at River Valey Rehabilitation Center, Blountstown 
  • Sarah Smith, RN Unit Manager at Riverwood Health and Rehabilitation Center, Starke
  • Sierra Swords, DON at Middleburg Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, Middleburg
  • Stephanie Harris-Thomas, RN QA Risk Manager at Ybor City Center for Rehabilitation and Healing, Tampa
  • Viola Otero, RN, DON at Winter Haven Post Acute, Winter Haven
  • Waylene Close, Director of Clinical Services at Palm Garden of Ocala, Ocala

Quality Care is the Goal

Emmett Reed, CEO of FHCA, congratulated the 2024 class, saying these dedicated and compassionate nursing professionals are vital to the excellence of Florida's long-term care facilities.

We are committed to providing the essential tools and resources they need to further their careers and continue to deliver outstanding care and support to our state's elderly population.

The Executive Nurse Leadership Academy is a FHCA initiative aimed at bolstering the skills and knowledge of registered nurse executives. The program commences with a three-day event at the FHCA Training and Education Center in Tallahassee, gathering DONs, ADONs, supervisory nurses on track to become DONs or ADONs, and RNs in senior leadership roles.

The Florida Health Care Association represents over 600 long-term care centers and serves over 80% of Florida's nursing centers. It is the state's leading advocacy organization for long-term care providers and the elderly individuals they serve.

LTC Costs Increasing in Florida

While long-term care expenses in Florida are experiencing a significant increase, the costs remain relatively moderate compared to other states. 

These costs vary within the state:

As many retirees move to Florida when they retire and have not planned for long-term care, many families are forced to pay out-of-pocket. Many of these people exhaust their savings and end up qualifying for Medicaid. Medicaid will only pay for long-term care once someone has little income and assets.

According to the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), the following is the breakdown of how long-term care costs are paid for in Florida for 2022:

  • Private pay: 55%
  • Medicaid: 25%
  • Long-Term Care Insurance: 20%
  • Medicare: <1%

Medicare covers a very small portion of long-term care costs as it only pays for up to 100 days of skilled care services. LTC Insurance is usually comprehensive and will pay for all types of levels of long-term care including care in the care recipient’s home.

It is important to note that these percentages are based on the overall long-term care costs in Florida. The percentage of costs paid by each funding source may vary depending on the type of care received and the individual's needs.

For example, Medicaid is more likely to pay for long-term care in a nursing home, while private pay is more likely to pay for long-term care in an assisted living facility. Additionally, individuals with Long-Term Care Insurance are more likely to have their costs covered in a variety of long-term care settings, and most care starts in an individual's home.

The majority of individuals obtain Long-Term Care Insurance between the ages of 45 and 65, benefiting from lower premiums and generally better health. Since LTC Insurance requires medical underwriting, the likelihood of qualifying for coverage decreases with age. However, once a policy is issued, it is guaranteed renewable, ensuring that changes in health status will not affect the coverage.

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The main advantage of Long-Term Care Insurance for you is protection against the rising costs of long-term care services. Without it, you could deplete your retirement savings or other assets to pay for your care. By securing Long-Term Care Insurance, you fortify your financial defenses against unforeseen health challenges.

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Having LTC Insurance ensures professional care services are covered, lightening the load on your family. This means they can focus more on offering emotional support rather than handling caregiving responsibilities themselves. 

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