Family Caregivers Find Role Could Last Years – Adversely Affecting Their Families and Careers

Suddenly someone's son or daughter finds themselves in the role of caregiver for Mom or Dad. Unprepared and untrained, the role brings tremendous challenges that can changes lives forever.

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Family Caregivers Find Role Could Last Years – Adversely Affecting Their Families and Careers
2 Min Read March 23rd, 2021

The AARP says caregiving plays a significant role for many Americans. More than 65 million people, 29% of the U.S. population, provide care for an older family member or other chronically ill or disabled person.

The value of the services these family caregivers provide for "free" when caring for older adults is estimated to be $375 billion a year. According to the National Alliance for Caregiving and Evercare, that is almost twice as much as is actually spent on in-home and nursing home services combined ($158 billion).

Family members are usually unprepared and untrained for their role of caregiver for Mom or Dad. 

"Becoming a family caregiver is often something that either happens very suddenly or slowly sneaks up on a person. When a loved one has a health setback or begins needing more assistance, we tend to go into "crisis mode" and haphazardly shift our priorities around to ensure their immediate needs are met," writes Carol Bradley Bursack, author and columnist of Minding Our Elders

Caregiving Typically Not a Short Commitment

She says that most family caregivers think their role of caregiver will be a short commitment. However, they discover that their role as a family caregiver can go on for years. Since the job is physically and emotionally demanding, it creates many challenges.

The job is demanding, but the impact is widespread and affects more than just the caregiver and the care recipient. Friendships are adversely affected since the job is so time-consuming the caregiver no longer socializes. However, their careers, children, and their marriage are also negatively impacted.

If you, or a loved one, finds themselves thrown into being a caregiver, the advice Bursack recommends is balance - read more here.

Prepare Your Family and Finances Now

If you are in your 40s or 50s, you are probably preparing for your future retirement. Part of that equation is thinking about the future costs and burdens of aging and its impact on your family and finances. 

Do you have a plan for long-term health care? Paid care services can quickly drain retirement accounts and adversely impact income, assets, lifestyle, and legacy. 

Do you want one of your children to interrupt their careers, families, and responsibilities by being your future caregiver? Sure, you probably want them involved, but as your caregiver helping you with daily living activities? 

LTC Insurance Can Be the Solution

Affordable Long-Term Care Insurance can provide you with guaranteed tax-free resources that give you access to your choice of quality care, including in-home care. Many policies also provide professional case management to help you and your family when you need the most help. This gives your family the time to be family.

The time to plan is before you retire - ideally in your 40s or 50s. You can get accurate quotes with professional recommendations from a qualified Long-Term Care Insurance specialist. You can find one by clicking here.

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An LTC News author focusing on long-term care and aging.

LTC News Contributor James Kelly

James Kelly

Contributor since August 21st, 2017

Editor's Note

Prepare for the challenges that come with getting older. The costs and burdens of aging will change our lifestyles and create dependency on family members unless we prepare before we get older and experience significant health changes.

Planning for Long-Term Care is Key to Successful Retirement

Affordable Long-Term Care Insurance will give help you avoid dependence on your family in addition to protecting your income and assets. 

Plus, in 45 states, Partnership Long-Term Care Insurance offers additional dollar-for-dollar asset protection.

The cost of long-term health care is expensive. Long-Term Care Insurance safeguards your income and assets and reduces the stress and burdens otherwise placed on your loved ones. 

The LTC NEWS Cost of Care Calculator will show you the current and future cost of long-term health care where you live.

Research Tools on LTC NEWS

This complete guide is an exceptional first-read -  The Ultimate Long-Term Care Guide. Be sure to take notes so you can ask the relevant questions when you speak with a qualified and trusted Long-Term Care Insurance specialist.

This conversation is one you should have with a specialist as most financial advisors or insurance agents lack the knowledge required in underwriting, policy design, tax implications, and claims. Find a specialist who works with the major companies by clicking here.

Discussion Points with a Specialist

When you speak with a specialist, be sure they discuss with you the following:

  • Partnership – Most states offer special policies that provide dollar-for-dollar asset protection. The Long-Term Care Insurance Partnership Program might be one of the best-kept secrets in retirement planning. Make sure the specialist explains this program and how it might help you.
  • Tax incentives – There are federal tax incentives available for some people. If you own your own business, be sure to ask.
  • Health Savings Accounts – If you have an HSA, you can use the pre-tax money in your account to pay for the premium.
  • Asset-Based or Hybrid policies – These are life insurance or annuities with a rider for long-term care. Careful, only a handful are actually a long-term care benefit. However, one of these policies can provide you with the flexibility of both a long-term care benefit or a death benefit. They are expensive but can be paid with a single premium.
  • Health and Family History - Make sure the specialist asks you detailed questions about your health, family history, and retirement plans. Underwriting criteria vary with each insurance company. If they are not asking you detailed questions, then find another specialist.

Be Published on LTC NEWS

LTC NEWS offers many resources to help families address the consequences of long-term care, aging, health, caregiving, and other retirement issues. You can be part of the effort to help educate consumers throughout the U.S. and around the world.

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You can write a story for publication on LTC NEWS and let America hear what you have to say. Be sure your article fits the LTC NEWS target audience of adults 40-70. Topics can include stories on several topics, including aging, caregiving, health and fitness, long-term care, retirement planning, and more.

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