Coming Soon - Blood Test for Alzheimer's

Soon a blood test will be available which can diagnosis if an individual has Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. This would be a huge advance in research and treatment of dementia.

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Coming Soon - Blood Test for Alzheimer's
3 Min Read September 30th, 2020

Research indicates that up to two decades before people develop Alzheimer's disease and the memory loss and confusion that comes with it, they have damaging clumps of protein that start to build up in their brains. Could a blood test diagnosis Alzheimer's and other dementia before symptoms become devastating?

Over five million people in the U.S. have Alzheimer's. Many more suffer in the rest of the world. There is no cure and very little treatment for this devastating disease. A new study is showing a blood test can correctly diagnosis Alzheimer's and other dementias.

Tests May Be Available in the Next Few Years

Scientists say these tests might be available in the next few years. With an early diagnosis, it will allow researchers to speed treatments. Plus, individuals can receive an earlier diagnosis for those people who want to know, giving them more time to make arrangements while still having most of their faculties in place.

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Alzheimer's is a progressive disease. Over time a person will need more advanced care and supervision. The type of care for any individual with any form of dementia could include in-home care. Adult day care centers can help with care and supervision during daytime hours, allowing the person to return home at night.

Often a family might start providing some of this type of care, but it won't take long before that becomes too difficult for loved ones to provide.

Usually, a person will need a facility of some type. Some assisted living facilities offer a memory care wing. There are also memory care facilities that specialize in care for individuals with Alzheimer's and dementia.

Over time a nursing home may be required as an individual may require a combination of extended medical care in addition to supervision and assistance with normal living activities.

Dementia Care is Expensive

Care is not cheap. A nursing home national average cost is over $100k a year. In-home care and assisted living will cost over $50k a year. The cost of care varies based on location. Use the LTC NEWS Cost of Care Calculator to find the current and future cost of care where you live. Click here to use this tool.

The cost of this type of care is not covered by health insurance, including Medicare and supplements. For those with Long-Term Care Insurance, they will have coverage for care either in their home or a facility.

Long-Term Care Insurance, however, is medically underwritten. You can't purchase a policy once you have dementia or some other health or aging issue. Experts suggest purchasing coverage younger, usually in your 50s, before you retire.

LTC Insurance is Affordable

Policies are affordable, but premiums can vary over 100% between insurance companies for the same coverage. You should seek the assistance of an experienced Long-Term Care Insurance specialist who works with multiple top companies to find the best coverage at the best value.

You can find a trusted and experienced specialist by clicking here.

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