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Live Well with Diabetes with the Right Care

More Americans get diagnosed each day, perhaps you. Diabetes brings many challenges, especially as you get older. Often this leads to complications and a higher risk for long-term care. The right care will help you live better.

5 Min Read
Weight Loss After Age 60

Losing weight can be a challenge at any age, however after 60 it becomes harder. Being over-weight increases health issues and your risk for long-term care. An advance plan for longevity prior to retirement is key.

4 Min Read
Fun Ways to Chase Winter Blues Away

Winter impacts everyone’s mood. If you’re a senior, or have a senior family member, be sure to find ways to address Seasonal Affective Disorder. An advance plan will make you and family happier.

3 Min Read
Work With a Long-Term Care Specialist
Work With a Trusted Long-Term Care Insurance Specialist
  • Has substantial experience in Long-Term Care Insurance
  • A Strong understanding in underwriting, policy design, and claims experience.
  • Represents all or most of all the leading insurance companies.
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