How to Find the Best Caregiver for Mom or Dad

Most of us will, at some point, need to find a caregiver for Mom or Dad. You may have already experienced this task. Your children will likely face it for your future long-term care as well. This can be very difficult, especially if you are fully responsible for your Mom or Dad and have no help. Family caregivers face many challenges balancing their own jobs, families, and responsibilities. Even if they had the time and the willingness to be a caregiver, they are unlikely qualified to be a good one without putting the person they are caring for in danger or endangering their own health.

Paid care is expensive. If your loved one has Long-Term Care Insurance many policies will help you develop a plan of care and even find quality caregivers. If they don’t have a policy then this responsibility now falls on you.

Diane Franklin, writing in says, “When it comes to selecting caregivers for seniors, certainly professional qualifications are important. You will want a competent individual who has the skills, experience, and training to fulfill daily caregiving tasks. Beyond those prerequisites, it’s also important to find a person who understands that caregiving means caring. You want a caregiver who relates well to others and is attentive to your parent’s needs.”

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You can reduce the stress on the burden on your children when they are faced with caregiving issues for you. Long-Term Care Insurance provides tax-free money to pay for your choice of quality care either at home or in a facility. Plus, most plans provide some level of case management. These qualified nurses or social workers will help in developing a plan of care and finding care which fits your needs. Although not managed care, it does take much of the pressure off the family so they have time being family.

The best time to obtain coverage is prior to your retirement. You can take advantage of low premiums and even good health discounts when to start planning in your 40s or 50s. Seek the help of a Long-Term Care specialist. Very few of these people exist nationwide, however, their experience will help you design an affordable plan which will help you safeguard assets and reduce the burdens otherwise placed on loved ones. Be sure they represent all the major companies, understand policy design and underwriting and have experienced multiple claims. Most general insurance agents and financial advisors lack this expertise. The right specialist will save you a lot of money by selecting the right company and the right policy design.

Start your online research by finding the current cost of long-term care services and the availability of tax incentives and partnership plans which provide additional asset protection. Find your state on the LTC NEWS MAP by clicking here.   LTC NEWS can help you find a qualified LTC specialist – just click here.  

Make getting older easier on those you love. Long-Term Care Insurance is easy, affordable and rate stable income and asset protection. Enjoy the peace-of-mind knowing you will have a better lifestyle as you get older without placing this burden on your family.