Thinking Retirement? These Top Golf Cart Communities May Be an Answer

Traffic. Congestion. Few people like it. This is why some people are moving to golf cart communities when they retire. Get where you need to with a golf cart and enjoying the open air without traffic can be a retirement paradise for some.

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Thinking Retirement? These Top Golf Cart Communities May Be an Answer
3 Min Read April 15th, 2021

Many people are getting ready to retire in the years ahead. If you are looking for a relaxed community that has activities and even adventure, a golf cart community might be an option.

You can avoid the traffic and congestion. Few people like traffic. If you ever dreamed of living in a place where you could freely drive around your neighborhood in your own golf cart, then a golf cart community might be a good fit for you. Never thought about it before. Take a moment and dream.

Golf carts are becoming an increasingly popular way to get around short distances in communities designed for gold carts and other neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs). Plus, it has nothing necessarily to do with golf, as many of these communities do not have a connected golf course. 

Golf Carts Offer Convenience and Economy

People who live in a golf cart community enjoy getting around in a golf cart. The golf cart offers convenience and economy. Golf carts can run about 250 miles on a tank of gas. Electric golf carts with fully charged batteries get about 35 miles to the full charge.

Riding in the open air without traffic and congestion is hard to beat for many people. Plus, there is easy parking and safety to consider as well.  

If you are looking for a place to retire and like the idea of getting around without needing a car, one of the following top-rated golf cart communities may be an option to consider.

Peachtree City, Georgia

Peachtree City is located in Georgia, just south of Atlanta, and is known for being a golf cart city. With its 100 miles of golf cart paths, the prime form of transportation in this city is the golf cart. This community is not explicitly a retirement community—you will find families of all ages living here—but it's still a great, fun, and eco-friendly place to retire.

The Villages, Florida

Unlike Peachtree City, The Villages is a community designed specifically for retirees. It's widely considered the number one 55+ golf cart community and is perfect for the active retiree. The Villages community is comprised of three towns and has over 150,000 residents. Everything is easily accessible by golf carts, and they regularly throw golf cart parades.

Sun City, Arizona

Sun City was one of the first communities to make golf carts street-legal, and it's still a popular golf cart-friendly retirement community today. It is estimated that around half the Sun City population owns and uses at least one golf cart.

Laguna Woods Village, California

If your ideal retirement community is in the west, Laguna Woods Village might be a good choice for you. This community is located near Laguna Beach, on 3.8 square miles of hillside near the California coastline. The community's roads are optimized for golf carts, and there are many fun activities in the area—you can even play golf on the community's 27-hole course!

Perhaps one of these top golf cart communities in the US is the perfect place for you to retire. Be aware that you may need to boost your golf cart's speed or add some essential accessories to make it legal to drive within your chosen community or on public roads. Once you have done that, you'll be all set to select one of these communities, or another fabulous golf cart community, as your new home.

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