The 5 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents can happen. The CDC says over 3 million people went to the ER due to motor vehicle crash injuries. These are the top five most common reported care accident injuries in the United States.

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The 5 Most Common Car Accident Injuries
2 Min Read May 17th, 2022

Millions of people are injured due to car accidents every year, and many lose their lives. The impact these injuries have on the victim's life is often hard to comprehend, as the change in their quality of life is so dramatic. 

If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident, accident clinic Icon Medical knows how important to receive appropriate and timely medical care. You don't want to minimize the impact of the injuries on your life only to learn to live with something that has become permanent. 

Read on to discover the 5 most prevalent car accident injuries.

1.    Whiplash

When muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the neck area are injured during a car accident, it is generally because the body was forced to move suddenly and with forceful impact in ways in which it would never have moved on its own. Symptoms of whiplash include pain in the neck, stiffness, headaches, and more. Also, soft tissues and muscles will be injured, causing pain.

2.    Head Injuries

If the way the accident happens makes the head comes in contact with hard surfaces such as the dashboard, windshield, steering wheel, door handles, and others, the result may be a head injury. 

The individual may experience issues with brain functions, headaches, difficulty sleeping, and many other issues that may interfere with their ability to conduct their life as before the accident took place. If not treated properly and promptly, traumatic brain injuries can stay with the victim for life.

3.    Broken Bones

Breaking ribs or legs, arms, shoulders, hips, or any other bones in the body will be painful, and the recovery will be slow. In some cases, surgery may be called for to mend the bone. If you have broken bones after an accident, your doctor will likely take some X-rays of the fracture to get a clearer image of the area and decide on the most appropriate treatment.

You may also fracture your spine or get a herniated disc. The damage associated with injuries to the spinal cord may result in partial or complete paralysis. This will seriously affect the victim's life, making it necessary for them to relearn even the most basic functions and, in many cases, require constant help to conduct basic everyday activities.

4.    Damage to Internal Organs

Many times, victims of car crashes forgo a medical exam because they do not see any obvious physical injuries. This can be a mistake with long-term consequences since internal injuries and bleeding may occur. Allowing these injuries to go untreated may result in a wide variety of issues, some of them even life-threatening.

5.    Cuts, Scrapes, and Burns

If you are thrown about inside the vehicle or get hit by loose objects flying inside the car, you may experience cuts and scrapes. When cell phones are not secured, they can become dangerous and cause harm during an accident. These injuries can be painful, in some cases getting infected.

In other cases, there may be steam, hot liquids, and even gasoline that may burst into flames. Burns can be very painful and may require skin grafts. People who suffer from burns in a car accident may have to deal with the consequences for life.

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