Recommended Things to Visit in New Orleans for Seniors

New Orleans, with its vibrant culture, great weather, excellent entertainment options, rich history, and diverse cultural attractions., is a great place to visit, especially for seniors. Consider New Orleans, whether on your own, with friends, or with family.

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Recommended Things to Visit in New Orleans for Seniors
3 Min Read January 25th, 2023

Knowing what to do when you visit New Orleans is essential but even more critical if you're a senior. Plenty of activities are suitable for older individuals who aren't typically in search of an adrenaline rush!

If you're a history buff, explore the city's history at museums such as the Cabildo or the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Museum. Or you can explore the area's parks, lakes, and rivers. These are some of the top things to do in New Orleans that will give you a taste of the city.

There are many reasons why people visit New Orleans. Whether it's for the food, the music, or the culture, it's no wonder this city is regarded as one of the best places in the country. There are also plenty of other things to do in New Orleans, such as touring the National WW2 Museum and exploring its natural beauty.

Check Out the French Quarter

You're in for a treat when you visit the French Quarter in New Orleans. This area, including Jackson Square, is filled with beautiful architecture and great restaurants. Throughout the day, you can enjoy live music and street performers in this area.

It can get crowded on weekends, so it's best to explore this area on a weekday. Plenty of shops and restaurants offer a variety of clothing, jewelry, and antiques, and you can get a taste of New Orleans while dining at one of the restaurants in the area.

The French Quarter is a must-visit area for anyone interested in learning more about New Orleans. It offers a fun and rich atmosphere, and it tests your senses.

Enjoy Jackson Square

In New Orleans, there is a place called Jackson Square, which is famous for its statue of Andrew Jackson. He was a soldier who helped the US win the Battle of New Orleans in 1812. This area was initially called Place d'Armes.

Jackson Square is a beautiful location to relax and take in the beauty of the surrounding area, which includes the historic buildings of St. Louis Cathedral and Cabildo. Local artists also utilize the space to exhibit and create their works of art. This experience can be very relaxing and exciting.

Visit the National World War II Museum

The World War II Museum is a beautiful place in New Orleans where you can learn about the war and explore various exhibits. It features a wide variety of artifacts and displays, such as recruitment posters, letters from the war, and weapons from the conflict. The museum also offers discounts for seniors, and you can visit the facility a second time for only $6.

The museum features a wide variety of permanent and temporary exhibits. It also offers a comprehensive look at some pivotal moments in history.

Enjoy A Jazz Night Aboard A River Cruise

The historic Steamboat Natchez is a must-visit for anyone who enjoys Old World charm. This boat, an authentic New Orleans icon, offers a two-hour cruise along the Mississippi River. 

You'll enjoy live-to-tapping jazz music and learn about the region's fascinating history during this journey. You can also opt to have dinner on the boat after the cruise ends.

Hop on A Streetcar

Since the early 19th century, streetcars have been vital to New Orleans' transportation system. They're an inexpensive and convenient way to explore the city, and they pass by various unique attractions. 

The four operating routes of the streetcars are St. Charles Avenue, Canal Street, Rampart, and the Riverfront lines.

Take A Carriage Ride

Getting around New Orleans can be tiring, especially on the city's famous cobblestone streets. With a couple of horses pulling you along, you can enjoy a more peaceful ride as you explore the city. 

Not only will this experience allow you to get away from the crowds, but it will also allow you to learn something new. Plus, who could turn down a carriage ride through New Orleans!?

Enjoy A New Orleans Food Tour

Instead of making a reservation at one restaurant, try a food tour in New Orleans. This activity will allow you to explore the city's famous French Quarter and taste some of its best dishes. The tour will be led by a local expert, allowing you to customize your experience.

See Some Alligators On A Swamp Tour

An afternoon filled with fun and learning about the history of Louisiana's wetlands can be had aboard an airboat. You'll learn about the region's native animals, such as wild pigs and alligators, as you explore the swamps. 

You can also take a slower boat tour or rent a kayaking paddle. No matter what you choose to do, New Orleans' swamps are a must-visit.

Best Way For Seniors To Get Around New Orleans

The easiest way for anyone, especially seniors, to get around New Orleans is to hire a New Orleans chauffeur service, which can get you to and from any of these activities. 

Other ways, of course, include renting a car or taking the bus. But be aware that you will also need to worry about parking fees and possibly walking a fair distance between bus stops and attractions. 

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Are you considering retiring to New Orleans? Many people have it on their list. There are several reasons, but affordability is one of them. The cost of living is fairly low compared to other cities. Older adults especially enjoy the great weather all year-round. New Orleans has a rich history, culture, and entertainment options. 

But older adults need to be concerned with access to health care. New Orleans offers high-quality health care options. New Orleans boasts a variety of high-quality hospitals, health care systems, and specialized long-term care facilities. 

The Louisiana Department of Health is the lead agency for health care in the state and works to improve access to quality health care for all citizens. In New Orleans, there are dozens of health care providers, including hospitals like New Orleans East Hospital and Tulane Medical Center, and long-term care centers. Additionally, the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System, located in New Orleans, offers veterans a range of health care services, including long-term care.

There are many in-home care providers as well. Just as important, long-term care services are more affordable in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana compared to the rest of the country.

The LTC NEWS Cost of Care Calculator shows that the average cost of long-term care in New Orleans ranges from about $4,300 per month for home health care to over $6,500 per month for a semi-private room in a nursing home. Assisted living costs in the area average approximately $4,000 per month (base costs.) 

LTC NEWS Louisiana Long-Term Health Care Cost Calculator

Retirement communities, senior living facilities, and recreational activities are available throughout New Orleans. You can enjoy diverse culinary offerings, excellent shopping, and nearby natural attractions. Plus, New Orleans offers a comprehensive and affordable public transportation system for those who need it. 

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