PEMF Therapy Frequency for Inflammation

PEMF therapy stimulates the body's natural cell repair and rejuvenation processes which helps lessen symptoms like pain and inflammation.

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PEMF Therapy Frequency for Inflammation
3 Min Read November 16th, 2022

PEMF Frequency therapy is to promote health or treat various diseases by using different frequency ranges. The foundation of frequency therapy is the resonance theory. Every object in the world has a natural or resonant frequency. An object vibrates when it is subjected to its resonance frequency, and if the frequency and intensity are just right, the thing can self-destruct. This is how the crystal glass that breaks when a certain note is performed or sung works.

PEMF therapy employs specific frequencies to promote healing or eliminate certain bacteria or diseases that pose a health risk. Both a magnetic and a frequency component are included in PEMF machines. Magnetic applicators are used to deliver the frequencies to the body. Depending on the programming chosen, pulsed electromagnetic fields can stimulate cells, increase circulation, and provide a number of other advantages. The magnetic field is created using the device, a MAT, or other magnetic attachments.

Frequencies for Joint pain and Inflammation

Bones are joined together by joints. Each joint is made up of various tissue components:

  • Cartilage acts as a cushion to stop bones from rubbing against one another in a joint

  • Muscle and bone are joined via tendons.

  • Bone is joined to bone via ligaments.

  • Bursae are fluid-filled sacs that give tendons linked to bones a gliding surface.

  • The connective tissue that covers joints is called fascia.

Each of these structures is addressed differently in our treatment plans. Each structure has the capacity to cause pain, either from an illness or an injury. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, gout, strains, sprains, and other injuries are just a few of the many disorders that can cause discomfort in the joints and inflammation. For similar circumstances, we also use frequencies and frequency programs to treat inflammation in joints.

The body reacts better to PEMF therapy than to any other therapy when it is well hydrated. We advise consuming 64 ounces or more of clean water every day. If you'd prefer not to drink plain water, you can flavor it with lemon juice, but other liquids—with the exception of herbal teas—cannot be used in place of water. By drinking more water, you will also be decreasing swelling.

Research studies have demonstrated that the anti-inflammatory effects of PEMF in vivo used 5 Hz frequency in the coil system to treat rheumatoid arthritis for 90 minutes, providing a strong anti-exudative effect and restoring normal functional parameters.

 Frequencies for various inflammations

Various frequencies are used to treat various inflammations. In the PEMF machines, individual frequencies run on each magnetic coil.

  • One of the most popular frequencies is 40 Hz, which lowers inflammation

  • Supporting the joint capsule is 480 Hz frequency

  • The periosteum of the bone is supported by 783 Hz frequency

  • Cartilage is supported by 157 Hz frequency

  • 39 and 59 Hz frequency provide bone support

  • Nerves may function at 396 Hz frequency

  • The spinal cord is supported by 10 Hz frequency

  • Reduced nerve injury at 94 Hz frequency

  • Spinal discs are supported by 330, 630, and 710 Hz

  • Any tissue that is ripped and/or fractured can be supported at 124 Hz

  • The dura in the spinal column is supported by 443 Hz frequency

  • The nerve sheath that covers the nerves is supported at 475 Hz

  • Ligaments are supported by 100 Hz

  • Supporting fascia at 142 Hz frequency (soft tissue surrounding the joint)

  • Connective tissue can be supported at 77 Hz

  • Reducing chronic inflammation is 284 Hz

  • Lower body joints are supported by 18 Hz

  • Any tissue reboots at 321 Hz

Only 32 minutes out of 923 minutes (15.5 hour) treatment, contain such frequencies. This is a good illustration of our programs' complexity that how many different parts of the body and conditions they address to reduce inflammation.

These frequencies support the many structures that make up your joints and help bring them back into a state of balance and release pain and inflammation.

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