Kim Kardashian Health Shocker May Lead to Higher Risk of Long-Term Care

Health can change even for a reality TV star Kim Kardashian. The impact of changing health can dramatically impact family and finances unless you have an advance plan. Often this includes affordable Long-Term Care Insurance.

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Kim Kardashian Health Shocker May Lead to Higher Risk of Long-Term Care
4 Min Read September 9th, 2019 Updated:April 26th, 2020

Suffering from aching and swollen joints along with fatigue, 38-year-old reality star Kim Kardashian may be facing some significant health issues. Media reports also say she already has psoriasis, an autoimmune condition. In addition to dealing with current pain and discomfort, these are health issues that could lead her to a higher risk of needing long-term care services when she is older.

Her psoriatic arthritis, which she talks about in a recent essay, is a skin condition that can cause red, flaky patches of skin to appear on many areas of a person's body, including the elbows, knees, scalp and lower back. As the immune system creates inflammation, it leads to swelling, pain, fatigue, and stiffness in the joints. As a person gets older, it can become more difficult to perform normal activities. 

Social media, which is normally filled with news on the Kardashians, has been buzzing with these reports and what it means for her future health.

An autoimmune disease, Lupus is a disease in which your body attacks its own tissues. This causes many health issues which can increase when you get older. These include swelling and inflammation, which causes pain and even damage to internal organs. The symptoms of Lupus can mimic other health issues. These include fatigue, fever, joint pain, and rash.

Multiple Heath Issues Possible

The news reports indicate she has tested positive for both Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Both conditions are autoimmune disorders as they attack the body's own cells, which cause pain and inflammation. Learn more here.

While the two diseases are similar, Lupus can impact any internal organ system while Rheumatoid Arthritis generally affects joints. Both can become worse with age causing mobility problems and other issues, which can lead to a higher risk of long-term care.

Kim Kardashian said on TV that she tested positive for Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis antibodies. This doesn't necessarily mean she has a clear diagnosis of either disease. It can take years before a clear diagnosis of Lupus or rheumatoid arthritis is made. Psoriatic Arthritis, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis share one gene. It doesn't mean she will have all three conditions, however.

Lupus is another disease commonly misdiagnosed for Lyme disease. A blood test will determine if you have the antinuclear antibodies. A positive result means that you do have them. If you test positive for the antinuclear antibodies you could have other autoimmune diseases. 

Additional testing will be required. Generally, if you test positive to the antinuclear antibodies test, you will end up with Lupus.

There are additional blood tests available for Rheumatoid Arthritis but nothing as clear cut as with Lupus. Doctors will look at the imaging of your joints to see if any damage can be seen.

While we may never know anytime soon the extent and impact these conditions will have on Kim Kardashian, a leading expert on long-term care planning says it is a strong reminder that a person's health can change at any moment.

Health Changes at Any Time

Matt McCann, a Long-Term Care Insurance expert, was asked at a recent conference of top specialists in Tampa about Kardashian. He said health issues could occur at any age, and advance planning is key to addressing the financial costs and burdens that come with long-term care.

"Many of us are healthy until the day we are not. Often people think planning for the financial costs and burdens of aging can wait until we are older. The fact is many people over age 60 are already uninsurable or difficult to insure, not to mention those already needing health with everyday activities of daily living. Since most people don't want to place the full responsibility of caregiving on their loved ones, affordable Long-Term Care Insurance will provide the tax-free resources for your choice of quality care when you need it. This limits the stress on your family and safeguards your savings and income from the high cost of paid care." 

Matt McCann, a Long-Term Care Insurance expert

People like Kardashian may have substantial assets, but even the rich can exhaust large sums of money due to long-term care expenses. Some issues like Alzheimer's can impact a person for a very long time.

Planning should start before retirement when you still enjoy youth and good health. Most experts suggest starting research in your late 40s or 50s. Start your research by finding the current and future cost of long-term care services in your location. Find your state by using the LTC News Map and the cost of care calculator by clicking here.

Many fans of Kim Kardashian will follow her health issues on TV and social media. Few people, other than your family, will be concerned about your future health and aging issues. Since caregiving is tough on loved ones and paid care will drain assets and adversely impact income and lifestyle, affordable Long-Term Care Insurance can be an essential part of your retirement plan.

This isn't reality TV … it is real life.

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