How to Choose a Mattress for Lower Back Pain

Getting a good night's sleep is vital to overall health and quality of life. As you age, it becomes even more important. A high-quality mattress provides the adequate support and comfort you need.

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How to Choose a Mattress for Lower Back Pain
2 Min Read April 12th, 2023

Back pain affects millions of Americans every year. It is caused by problems ranging from serious health conditions such as spinal cord injury to simple ones like a bad mattress. Lack of support from a mattress causes poor sleeping posture, strained muscles, and a misaligned spine leading to lower back pain. 

While there are several ways to alleviate lower back pain, choosing the right mattress can be one of the most beneficial. This article will cover crucial things you should check when looking for a mattress with good back support.

Consider a Medium-Firm Mattress

The firmness of a mattress is the first sensation people get when lying on it. A mattress that is too soft causes the spine to sink and twist, while one that is too firm puts a lot of pressure on your hips and shoulders. The general consensus is that medium-firm mattresses, with a manufacturer's rating of 6 to 7, are the best option for promoting spinal alignment. They provide enough back support to keep your spine aligned while cushioning the pressure joints in the body. 

 Check the Mattress Type

Different mattress types provide varying levels of sleeping comfort and spinal support. Mattresses made of memory foam relieve pressure while preserving the spine's natural curve. Traditional innerspring mattresses are sensitive to movement, but too much pressure can be uncomfortable. 

Mattresses made of latex are springy, hypoallergenic, and ideal for body contouring and pressure reduction. While airbeds provide consumers the option to modify hardness using inflatable chambers, hybrid mattresses combine the advantages of various mattress kinds. Several materials can be used in airbed comfort systems to provide individualized comfort. 

Finding the best mattress for your body type, sleeping preferences, and level of comfort plays a vital role in better aging and overall health

Consider Sleeping Accessories

Sleeping accessories are important to improve sleep quality besides having a comfortable mattress. Mattress toppers, pillows, and adjustable beds are commonly preferred sleeping accessories that complement your mattress at home.

Mattress toppers, made of materials like gel memory foam or latex, can help reduce lower back pain by softening or firming up your mattress instead of buying a new one. Pillows are essential in ensuring that the spine, head, and neck are properly aligned, with mid-loft pillows being recommended for side and back sleepers and low-loft pillows for stomach sleepers. 

With an adjustable base, you can set your mattress to your preferred angles by easily lowering or raising the head and feet areas. This way, you enhance your comfort level by relieving pressure at the points, providing better blood circulation and enough back support. 

Know Your Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position can cause pain in your back as it creates different pressure joints in your body. You should sleep on a mattress supporting your pressure points to reduce discomfort. If you sleep on your back, your lumbar region has the greatest pressure points. While hard mattresses can't support your lower back's natural curve, soft mattresses might cause your abdomen to sink and mess with the alignment of your spine. For optimum support, choose a mattress that is firm to medium firm.

If you sleep on your side, your hips and shoulders are your high-impact areas. You need a soft, contoured mattress to relieve these pressure spots without allowing your body to sink and lose its alignment. Medium to medium-firm mattresses are the best for side sleepers.


While using the right mattress when sleeping might assist with lower back pain, seeking the right medical attention is necessary for long-lasting pain relief. At Chiropractor Tigard, OR, you can get the best and most comprehensive back injury treatment to completely alleviate the pain. 

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