Discover Four Ways Seniors Can Keep Skin Hydrated in Winter

Skin care is important at any age but for older people it is essential for overall good health. Aging skin is especially sensitive to harsh winter climates. If you are a senior or know one, there are ways to keep skin hydrated and healthy in the winter months.

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Discover Four Ways Seniors Can Keep Skin Hydrated in Winter
3 Min Read October 28th, 2020

The largest organ in our body is our skin. As we get older, we will see changes in our skin. Skin care is important at any age but for older people it is essential for overall good health. Over time the skin becomes drier and thinner. For those who are older the skin injures easily, but it heals more slowly.

Older people are prone to several skin problems, including itching, scaling, and dryness. However, some people may face much more serious skin conditions, including infections and ulcerations.

Aging skin is especially sensitive to harsh winter climates. There are a few ways seniors can keep their skin hydrated in winter and preserve skin health.


Proper hydration is crucial for healthy skin—especially when you’re a senior. Without it, your cells simply don’t have the strength to respond to damage, and even small injuries can become larger health problems.

For this reason, you must know how to best protect yourself as we enter the coldest and driest months of the year. These are four ways seniors can keep their skin hydrated in winter and maintain their overall skin health.

Set Up a Home Humidifier

As the outdoor temperatures drop, so does the amount of humidity in the air. Humidity is one of the leading environmental factors that affect a person’s skin. The lower the humidity, the harder it is for cells to hold onto moisture, and the drier your skin will become as a result. Because of this, it’s recommended that you set up your home to allow your skin to absorb better and retain fluids. Humidifiers greatly help with this by reducing the amount of dryness in the air.

Keep the Thermostat Low

It’s also important that you keep your thermostat set to a lower temperature during the winter months. Your first instinct might be to turn up the heat at the first sign of a chill, but this actually only serves to dry out the air around you further. This dry air fosters additional fluid loss in the skin and leaves it looking cracked or flaky. So, if you’re feeling chilly, wear layers of clothing and put a few blankets on your lap—but don’t raise the temperature past 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Apply a Moisturizer Every Day

Another way seniors can keep their skin hydrated in winter is to apply moisturizer regularly. These formulas are designed to infuse your cells with the essential oils that help them stay strong. They also work to attract and retain additional moisture from the air around you. This way, your skin always has at least a bit of hydration and remains capable of healing itself. For the most optimal effect, try purchasing a moisturizer catered specifically to aging skin.

Bundle Up When You’re Going Outdoors

Make sure you’re putting on extra layers of clothing when you go outdoors. Direct contact with the dry winter air can irritate the skin and cause it to release the moisture you’ve been working so hard to maintain. 

Exposed skin is also susceptible to winter injuries such as frostbite. Therefore, it’s vital that you protect yourself by keeping most areas of your skin covered and warm.

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