Signs Older Family Members Would Benefit from Living in a Senior Community

Aging, chronic health, and mobility problems often make it difficult for older adults to remain independent in their homes. There are signs to look for to determine if it is best to move to assisted living or other senior community.

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Signs Older Family Members Would Benefit from Living in a Senior Community
5 Min Read January 18th, 2023

It's not easy seeing the effect of time on the ones you love. But it's one of the most natural things there is. Generations of people get older and older, while some new flowers bloom or get born. Sometimes, ways of nature make you make some tough decisions, like putting your parents or other older adults you love in an assisted living facility

However, even if you don't like this ideal, sometimes it's necessary, and your elderly family member may benefit from living in a senior community. If you have doubts, look for these crucial signs and make up your mind.

Medication Management - Forgetting Meds Can Be Harmful to Health

The necessity for prescription medication generally increases as we become older. It can be challenging for older adults, especially those with declining memory, to remember which medication to take when and how to swallow many pills.

Dr. Angela G. Catic, assistant professor of medicine at the Huffington Center On Aging at Baylor College of Medicine, says that not taking medications correctly or with or without food can create health issues for the individual. 

It is important that older adults take their medication on schedule because this will allow the optimal control of their medical conditions.

A person's cognitive capacities tend to diminish at the same time that their drug load grows. Remember that drug errors might have serious consequences, and it's not physically possible that you keep an eye on them 24/7. 

To ensure that older adults can remember to take their medications, they need reliable and professional caregivers who maintain meticulous records of their use. 

Medication management is a crucial aspect of assisted living care. Often, in the facility setting, it becomes easier to ensure the care recipient is taking their medications properly.

A Chaotic Home 

Helping your loved one to an assisted living facility may be the best option if you find their home to be a mess as soon as you step into it. A person may need additional help with other everyday activities when they are unable to do routine tasks such as:

  • vacuuming

  • taking out the garbage

  • washing the dishes

  • and so on

Those unable to maintain their cleanliness and hygiene are probably also unable to regularly prepare nutritious meals for themselves or remember to do so. So, giving them the option to have an extra pair of hands is doing them a huge favor.

There is also a safety problem to consider. Messy homes increase the risk of falls, a leading reason older adults go to the emergency room, require long-term health care, and death.

Getting from Point A to Point B Becomes Hard

Taking away grandpa's car keys is a heartbreaking responsibility that many families have had to face. Since this is the final surrender of autonomy, many elders reject it vehemently. However, it's necessary since senior drivers that lost their skills put themselves and others at risk. 

Taking Away Elder Parent's Keys

Luckily, ride-sharing services like Uber have made this situation more bearable for some. Some communities have senior transit options that they can use at little or no cost.

Lots of Obstacles

On the other hand, there are a lot of people that are unable to utilize traditional forms of public transportation due to a physical or mental impairment. However, when you see that the residents in assisted living communities are often provided with transportation services - the choice is not that hard.

The only thing that should concern you about transportation, in that case, is how you will handle the moving process and packing. But you can always contact some understanding and experienced movers that will take the weight off your shoulders and help your loved one move into their new home.

Deterioration of Dementia

Dementias like Alzheimer's disease and others become progressively worse over time. Mild memory loss is possible in the early stages of certain chronic conditions. Unfortunately, later phases sometimes bring a rapid decline in self-care abilities.

Family Caregivers Get Overwhelmed

Although dementia currently has no known cure, research suggests that some interventions may help reduce the disease's course and enhance the quality of life for individuals affected.

If you find yourself unable to meet your loved one's care needs or it would be unhealthy for them to remain in their current residence, it may be time to look into a senior living facility that provides memory assistance for those 65 and over. 

When Their Health Problems Become Out of Your Reach

Lifestyle changes and increased longevity have a role in developing chronic diseases among the elderly. As people go through life, they are more likely to be diagnosed with a serious chronic illness. 

Dressing, grooming, cleaning, bathing, and eating may be particularly challenging for older adults with chronic conditions. Their incidence of hospitalization and trips to the emergency department is likewise greater than average. Consider a senior living community for your loved one if you've seen an increase in their medical needs and worry about their safety if they continue to live alone.

Senior Communities Like Assisted Living Can Alleviate Loneliness 

Many different things might make an older adult feel lonely or isolated. The death of a loved one, separation from distant relatives, a lack of reliable transportation, and a diminishing social circle are all factors. 

Everyone needs a human touch and conversation.

Older adults who live alone are more likely to have physical and mental health problems. When there aren't other people nearby to help in many ways, safety also becomes a concern.

Those who care for older people spend their working hours finding a way to fill that void. But there's a limit to what can be accomplished by caretakers. That's where another great part of assisted living comes in. Senior daycare facilities are only one example of how the community provides opportunities for socialization. For the most part, residents at assisted living facilities benefit from the built-in social contact component.

Struggling with Paying Bills

The capacity to manage their money and pay their obligatory bills is a skill that many individuals lose as they become older. People of retirement age are a common target of financial scams that might place them in a compromising financial position. 

Assisted living is expensive but more affordable than nursing homes which are far from cheap, but it's better to put the money they have to good use than waste it. If you feel like an elderly family member can't handle their taxes and bills anymore, it's probably time to seek additional help. 

Ditch the Guilt

Once you recognize these signs, your older loved one may be ready to join a senior community and make a move without feeling guilty. There is no reason you should give up your life and keep them from getting the care they need and deserve. 

Quality care, a sense of community, and safety are all key advantages of someone living in a senior living facility. There are independent living options for those who still maintain independence. For individuals who need help with everyday living activities or supervision due to dementia, there are assisted living and memory care facilities in addition to the traditional nursing home. 

Being Prepared Makes Aging Easier for Everyone

While professional in-home care providers can help people stay in their homes, sometimes a facility is best for quality of life and safety. The problem is quality care - at home or a facility - is expensive.

If your family member has Long-Term Care Insurance, be sure they use the benefits. Sometimes families delay using the benefits.

Filing a Long-Term Care Insurance Claim

If they are older and have declining health, the ability to obtain LTC Insurance has long passed. The time to get coverage is before retirement; most people do so in their 50s. Several types of Long-Term Care Insurance policies are available, and top insurance companies offer affordable solutions. 

Types of Long-Term Care Insurance

Seek the help of a qualified Long-Term Care Insurance specialist who can provide you with accurate quotes from all the top companies.

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Are you prepared for the consequences of aging? Do you want to preserve your 401(k) and other assets? Do you want to reduce the stress and anxiety that long-term care usually puts on those you love? In that case, better consider getting a plan in place now. Most people get coverage in their 50s.

An LTC policy will ensure you have access to quality care services, including home care. When you have the resources to pay for quality care, your family can concentrate on being family instead of becoming caregivers.

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If your loved one is fortunate enough to have Long-Term Care Insurance, make sure they use it. Families may wait, believing that they can save the benefits for a rainy day. It is not a good idea to put off using available Long-Term Care Insurance benefits.

Today's Reverse Mortgages Can Benefit Older Families

Some people have a large portion of their savings in their homes. With the help of reverse mortgages, you can find ways to pay for quality in-home care, pay for LTC Insurance, and even assist with cash flow during retirement.

Yes, today's reverse mortgages may be the perfect way to pay for a Long-Term Care Insurance policy or even cover the cost of in-home care if you or a loved one is currently in need.

Asking an expert with your questions will help you learn more. Mike Banner, a columnist for LTC NEWS and the host of the television program "62 Who Knew," will respond to your inquiries about long-term care, reverse mortgages, aging, and health.

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