June Is Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month Plus Other Important Healthcare Observances

June is dedicated to Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness, Cancer Survivors Month, and other important healthcare observances. Discover ways to show your support this month.

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June Is Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month Plus Other Important Healthcare Observances
5 Min Read June 7th, 2024

June is Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month, along with several other important healthcare observances like Cancer Survivors Month and World Blood Donor Day. 

As the month continues, it's important to honor those who have fought or are currently struggling with health issues. Today, we want to help you learn how you can support June’s healthcare observances.  

Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month is observed annually each June. The goal of Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month is to help spread information about Alzheimer's disease and its impacts on those suffering as well as their families.

Alzheimer's disease slowly eats away at our memories and minds, leading to a need for long-term care. There is currently no known cure for Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. Alzheimer's affects about 6.9 million people in the U.S., and this statistic is only expected to grow as the population continues to age and live longer.

The goal of Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month is to encourage people to take responsibility for their brain health and incorporate healthier habits to prevent or delay cognitive decline and Alzheimer's. 

Some of the most effective measures you can take today are as simple as exercising more, getting regular sleep, and eating healthy – lifestyle changes that will not only improve your brain health but all other areas of your health as well.

You can show your support for Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month by wearing purple and sharing your story or spreading awareness either in-person or online with the hashtag #endalz. 

You can also get involved as a volunteer or donor. There are several events, volunteer opportunities, and online movements to help advocate for Alzheimer's disease awareness. 

It’s also worth mentioning that most individuals with Alzheimer’s and other dementia will need long-term care services and supervision. These costs are not paid for by traditional health insurance or Medicare, both of which only pay for short-term skilled services, not help with activities of daily living. 

National Cancer Survivors Month

June is National Cancer Survivors Month. In the U.S. alone, there are over 18 million cancer survivors. Thanks to breakthroughs in cancer research, scientists and doctors are able to help more people fight this disease each year. 

National Cancer Survivors Month aims to honor cancer survivors by helping them share their stories and raising support for those struggling with cancer or the implications of surviving cancer.

You can support cancer survivors during the month of June in so many ways, whether its donations, volunteering, or using hashtags #CelebrateSurvivorship and #NationalCancerSurvivorMonth. Any bit of support and awareness helps. 

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is also hosting a speaker's event on June 18th, during which you can listen to and support cancer survivors as they share their stories. 

National Aphasia Awareness Month

One of the possibly lesser-known June observances is National Aphasia Awareness Month. Aphasia is a condition that affects stroke and brain injury survivors. This complication makes it difficult for affected individuals to communicate, affecting speaking, listening, and language comprehension.

Aphasia affects around 2 million Americans, and complete recovery isn’t common, although sometimes symptoms do improve. 

The goal of Aphasia Awareness Month is to help people learn about the condition. Most Americans claim they’ve never heard of it, even though it affects such a large amount of the population. 

The best way to participate is to spread education and information online. To do this, use the hashtag #aphasiaawareness on social media platforms. 

Other Monthly June Healthcare Campaigns

June hosts several other healthcare campaigns, including:

  • Cytomegalovirus Awareness Month: Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a common illness that can cause serious problems for pregnant women, newborns, and people with weakened immune systems. This month aims to raise awareness about this preventable disease to improve health nationally. 

  • Scleroderma Awareness Month: Scleroderma is an incurable autoimmune disease that causes inflammation and skin thickening. This observance aims to spread awareness and education about the condition.

  • Cataract Awareness Month: Cataracts cause cloudiness in the eye and are the leading cause of blindness worldwide. The month of June is dedicated to raising support and awareness for people suffering from vision loss due to cataracts. It also aims to show that treatment like cataract surgery is available and effective at treating the condition.  

  • Hernia Awareness Month: A hernia is a painful condition in which an organ or tissue protrudes through weak muscle, causing discomfort and other symptoms. The goal of Hernia Awareness Month is to inform people about the signs of hernias and help them get treatment. 

  • Scoliosis Awareness Month: Scoliosis is when the spine curves in a way that may cause pain or impair breathing. This awareness month aims to help people identify and prevent scoliosis, as early treatment can help young people avoid pain down the road.

  • Men’s Health Month: The goal of Men’s Health Month is to raise awareness about men’s health, such as prostate cancer and mental health issues, and encourage men to stay healthy. Men are less likely than women to seek out medical support or preventative care. This month encourages men to get regular checkups and screening tests and implement lifestyle changes like exercising regularly and eating healthy.  

Along with monthly campaigns, June also has a few specific single-day observances, including: 

  • World Sickle Cell Day: Sickle cell disease is a group of blood disorders that cause pain and potentially fatal complications such as stroke. Observed on June 19th, World Sickle Cell Day aims to increase awareness and understanding of those struggling with sickle cell disease. Each year has a new theme; this year’s theme is “Hope Through Progress: Advancing Care Globally.” 

  • National HIV Testing Day: National HIV Testing Day is observed on June 27th. This observance first started in the U.S. in 1995, with the goal of helping reduce stigma around the disease and encourage people to get tested and treated. 

  • World Blood Donor Day: Observed internationally on June 14th and started by the World Health Organization, World Blood Donor Day offers a great opportunity to save a life. This observance commemorates donors and spreads awareness about the importance of safe blood donations and their uses worldwide. 

Showing Your Support This June

There are so many observances to support each June, whether it's cancer survivors, Alzheimer's patients, or blood donors. One of the best things you can do to show your support is to spread awareness with hashtags and posts on social media. 

Another great way to get involved is to look for events and volunteer opportunities in your area. If you're more interested in helping financially, many of these campaigns encourage donations to help them continue to spread their message. 

Regardless of how you celebrate this June, what's most important is spreading awareness and education about these national health observances. The best way to help yourself and others is to simply practice continuous education on healthcare topics. 

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