Isolation a Dilemma in Long-Term Care Facilities Due to COVID-19

People in nursing homes and assisted living are facing isolation and loneliness due to the virus crisis. This adds additional challenges for families in addition to the cost of long-term care.

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Isolation a Dilemma in Long-Term Care Facilities Due to COVID-19
3 Min Read March 30th, 2020 Updated:April 26th, 2020

Hard to avoid news stories about the current virus crisis. We should not overlook the issues people who are living in long-term care facilities are facing. Many nursing homes and assisted living facilities are facing the spread of the coronavirus to both staff and residents. Since the virus is more dangerous for those who are older or already have established health issues, the challenges of keeping the residents safe are even more difficult.

Social media has been spreading stories about the problems these facilities face.

Long-Term Care Residents Face Isolation and Loneliness

Because of the virus, long-term care residents are now being isolated. Being isolated is difficult for the well-being of the person being cared for in the facility. This isolation is also hard on the family members who cannot visit their loved ones.

Creates Ways to Combat Loneliness

Some facilities have become creative in reducing the isolation of their residents. An “Adopt a Grand-Parent” program allows people to communicate to residents, some of whom have limited or no family.

CHD Living, which owns 13 nursing homes around London in the U.K. have invited English-speaking people all over the world to become one of these "virtual volunteers." They will be able to connect with their assigned "grandparents" through video calls on computers and smartphones. The hope is to keep their residents mentally stimulated during this isolation.

Several other facilities, including in the United States and Canada, have started similar programs according to reports.

These facilities are also looking to keep their resident engaged in normal activities, although with separation. You can't give up BINGO!

Care Providers at Home Face Challenges

Home care providers face additional challenges providing quality care but keeping both their patients and themselves healthy at the same time. This TV news story outlines what one home care agency is doing. Watch the story from KUTV by clicking here.

Providers of home care services are taking extra precautions as they provide long-term care services and supports for those who are living in their own home.

If your loved one is living in a long-term care facility, communicate as best you can by telephone or computer. These days, many older people in facilities use smartphones or computers depending on their own health situation and abilities.

Preparing for Your Future Long-Term Care is Essential

The uncertain times we find ourselves in today as a result of the virus crisis reminds us we should prepare for our own future need for extended care. Depending on our own savings to pay for future care is not always the best option in good times. Since we can’t predict these unexpected events that impact our savings and investments, taking action to preserve and protect those assets is an essential part of retirement planning.

The guaranteed benefits of affordable Long-Term Care Insurance are beneficial for both your family and your finances. These policies give you access to your choice of quality care, including at home.

With the resources from the policy, you can ensure that you will have quality care wherever you receive the care. This not only protects your savings and income, but it gives your family the time to be family.

Be sure to plan before you retire. Planning is affordable but gives you one other thing we all could use right now - peace-of-mind.

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